Hanf Nature Organic Range of Hemp Foods

We are pleased to launch our range of Hanf Nature Organic Hemp Foods. Direct from Germany these certified organic hemp foods are not only tasty and nutritious but they also are a source of Omega 3 and other essential oils.

Hemp is a modern and healthy additive to almost all types of food, bakery products and pastas. Edible hemp satisfies adequate nutrition with high quality ingredients.

Hemp seed (peeled or unpeeled) provides:

• all the vitally necessary amino acids (essential and non-essential)

• in seed oil 75 - 95% unsaturated fatty acids in the right proportion for human nutrition

• 2-4% gamma-linolenic acid for sound condition of blood

• the most mineral nutrients (calcium, potassium, phoshorus, iron and many others)

• dietary fibres, which are good for digestion

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