Its all about the Kush with these seedbanks, with 2012 being declared the year of the kush. With a deep history and many crosses winning many Cups at nearly every major show over the last 12 months who can blame the seedbanks for using these premier genetics to bring even more mouth watering Kush varities to you the serious collector.

By using our search facility you can find 51 Kush Varieties and I can guarantee that even more Kush varieties will be added soon, but lets look at the newest varieties from the major seedbanks with years of experience in breeding with Kush.

DNA Genetics have produce Chocolope Kush - Chocolope Kush is a combination of our multiple Cannabis cup winning Sativa; Chocolope, and our Indica dominate Hybrid; Kosher Kush. The Kosher Kush has won first place in every Cannabis event it has been entered in, and has been hailed as the strongest of all OG Kush crosses, finishing 7th overall

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