Serious Seeds need no introduction. The seed bank that brought you coffee shop staples such as AK47, White Russian, Chronic, Kali Mist and Bubblegum have some great news! They have just acquired a fellow Dutch seed bank, Magus Genetics. This now means that Serious Seeds have five new strains of the same fine genetic integrity as their existing line-up!

Magus Genetics are a small Dutch seed bank who have won many accolades for their exemplary breeding. Their owner and breeder Gerrit shares the same principles and ambitions as Simon of Serious Seeds. He wants to bring the world a specially selected handful of strains that are suitable for medicating yet fun for the end users. His range of five strains are the result of his patient search to find and make crosses that consistently display desired characteristics. He believes firmly that it is better to offer a few very high quality and stable seeds than to constantly produce new crosses that are not consistent, in short, his collection of strains are for true marijuana connoisseurs. These efforts have not gone without reward and as a result Magus Genetics has a trophy cabinet that other larger seed banks with larger ranges envy.

Gerrit has set about a change in direction and has decided to sell Magus Genetics to Serious Seeds. He couldn't have left his strains in more competent hands and it is certain that the fruits of his career as an expert breeder will remain available to the general public for years to come. This is a proud time for Serious Seeds and means that they are not only able to offer their customers great strains from just one legendary breeder but two!

Serious Seeds will be launching their five newly acquired strains Biddy Early, Double Dutch, Exile, Motivation and Warlock at the Treating Yourself (T.Y) exposition in Toronto in June. Biddy Early is  an outdoor strain developed for the Dutch climate. It produces beautiful red and purple colours in lower temperatures and it has an organic earthy scent with a sweet candy taste. Its powerful high won it 2nd place in the Sativa category at the 2003 Cannabis Cup and has left many an outdoor grower with the opinion that this is the best bud they've ever smoked! Double Dutch is a cross between one of Magus' Warlock males and a Serious Chronic. This strain veg's like an indica but flowers like the Chronic. Yields are huge and it performs well in all growing media. The strong and complex high is a tribute to the breeder. It won 1st place in the ICMag Growers Cup in 2007 and has placed highly in all other competitions it has been entered in. A firm favourite among the growers who have tried it. Exile is a three way cross of Warlock, Northern Lights and White Widow. It is Warlock dominant which prevents stretching during flowering and is a “heavy yielder”. She has a sweet pine forest scent with a “body high” which make it a great relaxant and pain reliever. She won the Highlife Cup and the Fumaria Cup in 2005, proving her pedigree at the highest level. Motivation is a short, typically indica plant that is ideal for a closet grower or for anyone with space constraints. It has beautiful resin covered leaves that make this plant a welcome aesthetic addition to any garden. As well as being beautiful this strain is a true medicine. The smoker is left with a strong bodily effect but the mind is set racing. This plant is both a fine pain reliever and a source of inspiration for those who smoke it. These great qualities have won Motivation a 1st place in the ICMag Growers Cup in 2005 and a second at the Highlife cup in 2008. Warlock, a short bushy plant that is a lovely blend of indica and sativa. She produces tight compact buds with few leaves making it an easy plant to trim come harvest time. Warlock has a strong and vigorous mental high that brings on the giggles like no other bud I've smoked!

Serious Seeds are pleased to be able to bring you these unique strains from a truly gifted breeder. They have strengthened their catalogue and kept their principles in their acquisition of Magus Genetics. Not many seed companies can say they have nearly doubled their number of strains yet at the same time guarded their genetic purity and breeding integrity.

Unfortunately there is some bad news to bring. Due to problems encountered in testing, the launch of Serious 6 has been postponed for the foreseeable future. The Serious 6 still shows a hermaphroditic tendency and the Serious breeders are not willing to release it just yet. They will continue to work on the Serious 6 as it is a truly special plant so, for now, we will just have to watch this space. Whilst this news is unfortunate the Serious Seed Company has made a great move in its purchase of Magus Genetics and have added some of the best strains around to their roster!

With five new lines, development still ongoing on the Serious 6 and the release of feminized Kali Mist and Bubblegum seeds expected before the end of the year, the future for Serious Seeds looks to hold plenty of new and exciting things. I am confident that this, most prestigious, seed company will continue to provide growers all over the world with first class genetics and an impressive line up of strains.