As the days grow darker and the nights get longer, the changing of the seasons marks a shift in the typical farmer's habits; from the traditional outdoor harvests to indoor cultivation where variables can often be more closely monitored and controlled. 

As those days become weeks and the weeks become months, the time spent nurturing and caring for the live plant's every need draws to a close and it is time to harvest and dry their plants. During all this time many factors can make or break the end product; this extends into the curing phase which is where Boveda come in to provide the ultimate solution for the perfect cure and acts as the resilient protector for the farmer's hard work. 

Terp Shield

mage demostrating the monolayer thrichome shield that encapsulates the thrichome head.


Boveda is responsible for changing the game and consumer's understanding of safe storage for your dry herbs or edible goods that many consumers are unaware of is the pungent smell emitted from your herbs indicates your material is deteriorating in front of your very eyes.

The aromas released as you inhale highlight that your herbs terpenes are off-gassing into your environment and out of your goods.

 Boveda's technology is a saltwater solution that works by discharging pure saltwater molecules that then construct a monolayer around the trichome gland to shield terpenes from the elements.

Not only this but Boveda packs also works to alter the relative humidity (RH) to an acceptable, reliable level. 

Relative Humidity Levels

A Boveda pack being used to maintain the perfect relative humidity in your coffee beans

Boveda packs also work to alter the relative humidity (RH) to an acceptable, reliable level.  Relative humidity levels are crucially important as surplus humidity can lead to unhealthy moulds and over-drying can impact quality and effects. 

Terpenes have a modulating effect with many herbs as can be seen in the Aromatherapy market and the loss of them can cause a devastating impact on the efficiency of your herbs. 

Boveda acts as a shield for these volatile terpenes and creates a monolayer shield that encapsulates your terpenes and trichome heads and protects them from the elements.

After using your Boveda pack you may notice that your herb smells less, but this is a temporary variable due to those terps being safely stored inside your product; as soon as you break down your herb or product those vibrant aroma's will be emitted and you will immediately notice that Boveda has kept your material fresher than ever. 

The Most Efficient 2-Way Humidity Control

A graph showing the effectiveness of Bovea's packs compared to competitor's Glycerin packs. Boveda is 6x more effective.

Boveda has been proven to perform better than its competitors with a recent study showing how just 1 Boveda pack will outperform 6 glycerin and water humidity packs when tested on herbs.

Glycerin and water packets can give up and uptake moisture from the package, yet they aren't able to give off and maintain a precise Relative Humidity level as Boveda does nor can they prevent terpene evaporation like Boveda which will lock in your aroma, flavour and effects until your herbs are ready to be used.

Terpenes are extremely volatile compounds; up to 40% of dry herb terps can dissipate in just one week. Boveda really is the most efficient option, whilst it costs slightly more per packet, you will need to use them at a rate of 6 times less than glycerin and water packs; this quickly adds up saving you both money and terps. It goes without saying the more in your end product, the less you'll need to use.

Science-Based Proprietary Tech


A trichome head that has been damaged and is losing its' essential oils through evaporation.

The proprietary salt-water solution is sealed in Boveda’s patented vapour phase osmosis membrane, whilst the excess salt in the packet allows Boveda to create a consistent RH for stored herbs.

Water vapour is released or absorbed into the membrane as required to retain the perfect humidity level, this means the salt to water ratio is altered as the salt turns from a solid when more water is uptaken into the packet.

The salt changes back to a solid once more when more water is released, yet; fundamentally the water vapour is the only element to cross the leakproof membrane & to create a shield for your trichomes & terpenes.

The salt never comes into contact with your herb so you can rest assured that nothing will disturb your product. 

In sum, your Terps can be lost but can never be regained; so pick up a Boveda pack today at PureSativa!


* Boveda packs are designed to be paired with a wide range of materials from cigars to coffee beans and food to dry herbs.