Sativa Bags - High Quality eco-friendly Products

At Sativabags our ethos is to provide our customers with a selection of high quality eco-friendly products that we completely believe in, whilst supporting the ideologies of their brands. We provide an exclusive range of products from Hemp Bodycare to Hemp Food, Hemp bags and much more. Selling our range of Hemp based products has enabled us to gain a platform which we have been successfully using to support environmentally friendly cultivation as the demand for a concern for our environment rapidly rises. 

When the word eco-friendly springs to mind we rarely associate it with sophistication. At Sativa we wanted to change this stigma proving to be an environmentally conscious company, whilst still producing high quality and fashion forward collections; therefore setting ourselves apart from what is available in the industry. Our range of Sativa Bags are made from Hemp and Organic Cotton Blend which is of the highest quality proving to be an extremely durable and beautiful material. 


The material is sourced and the bags manufactured in China by a family- run factory whom we have always been working extremely closely with from the very beginning. Communicating with them throughout the design and manufacturing process has guaranteed us with a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. At Sativa the foundation our company is built upon is functionality and style, maintaining a consistent level of diversity throughout our ranges. Our bags are gender neutral and designed with a keen eye to stay trendy whether that be choosing a classic or contemporary style and always guaranteeing practicality. We provide you with a wide variety of bags of various sizes, styles and a choice of rich colours and earthy tones ensuring there is something to suit everyone and every occasion.

Our bags are designed with numerous pockets one of the most important of these pockets are the secret pockets seen throughout our new Ranges.


At Sativa we feel very strongly about our impact as a society on the environment. We understand the consequences derived from the environmental crisis and are aware that we have to take responsibility as a society for the damage caused.  Sustainability and design go hand in hand, without design there is no need for sustainability and vice versa; especially as designers we have been forced to engage with our impact on the environment. When looking at some of the most environmentally toxic contributors fashion is ranked as one of the highest polluters, urging fashion brands to change their approach to the industry. We recognised this problem within the industry and our solution was to create our Sativa bags in a 55% Hemp and 45% organic cotton blend material, preventing us from having to compromise style or durability.

It is extremely important to us that the blend we use is organic cotton rather than traditional cotton as cotton is renowned as the “dirtiest crop on earth”. Cotton uses more water than any other fibre and uses many pesticides and fertilisers which damage the land where it is grown. As well as the latter, cotton cultivation releases poisonous substances into the air and water particularly affecting farmers and workers in developed countries. One of the biggest impacts of cotton farming can be seen in Kazakhstan suffering to deal with the former – the Aral Sea between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is a symbol of Kazakhstan’s struggle to deal with the impact of the high demand for cotton. What was once a beautiful sea homing some of the most beautiful wildlife, plants and fish is now a dry desert. We understand the consequences derived from the environmental crisis and are aware that we have to take responsibility as a society for the damage caused. At Sativa Bags we aim to spread as much awareness as possible and work forwards to adapt with the changes in the environment preparing for the future, making these adjustments where possible in upcoming collections. 

There is a stark juxtaposition between conventional cotton farming and organic cotton that we use in our blend on our bags and luggage. Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals preventing any contamination causing harm in the soil, water and air as well as using substantially less water than conventional cotton. Additionally, we are extremely passionate about the use of hemp as it is an extremely fast growing crop, which whilst producing a vast yield also leaves the soil in excellent conditions rather than exhausting the soil. Hemp farmers do not need to use these harmful herbicides or pesticides alike organic cotton farming. We understand that organic and sustainable farming comes with a cost however, as pests gain resistance to these harmful substances, larger quantities are necessary to be used, poisoning the land and water supplies and proving dangerous for the people living in the countries where it is cultivated as well as the planet. By using this blend of hemp and organic cotton we are choosing to produce greener products with utmost consideration for the environment whilst producing products at the rate they are in demand for in our capitalist environment.