Puresativa Gift Box Sets

The Puresativa Gift Box Sets have landed and are just in time for Christmas. The previous year, Christmas 2021, felt non-existent as we all had to stay away from our loved ones for our loved ones. This year the excitement we’ve had as a nation, building up to Christmas, is one like no other. So, this year we’ve decided to do something a little different. We have personally handpicked twelve variations of Gift Boxes for you to either gift to your loved one or even yourself. Each box has a combination of products that have been carefully curated to make sure you have the ultimate experience. We felt like the Puresativa Gift Box Sets from our team and suppliers were too good an opportunity to have just for this festive period. Instead, we wanted to create them as a new range so that you can gift them at any time of the year. The Gift Box’s are fantastic for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays or even just a gift to yourself because we all deserve to treat ourselves… don’t we? 

What is so special about our Box Sets?

The selected paraphernalia items in Gift Box Set’s one to seven are at a reduced price. And the cannabis seeds gift boxes are given with an abundance of premium extra free seeds to ensure we have taken care of you. Lockdown last year put a lot into perspective for many of us. Subsequently, as a special thank you for your support and loyalty over the years, we wanted to do something special for you from our Puresativa team. 

The twelve Puresativa Gift Box Sets are beautifully presented glossy boxes designed by our in-house artist with a digital Sadhu illustration and our Puresativa chrome logo. They include a postcard, multiple gifts on the house and quality paraphernalia or seeds. So you or your special someone can be a part of our Puresativa club. We felt like a sadhu was the perfect design to celebrate our community because sadhu’s smoke cannabis typically in a chillum as a holy offering to Lord Shiva. In the Box, we have also created postcards with illustrations to sign or keep for yourself as a souvenir. So think of this as a Sale but better because thought and care will create your Puresativa experience.

What are the Box sets? 

In every box, we will give away a selection of products on the house. Box 1 to 7 includes: 

Rosin Digital Precision Scales by Kenex with a readability of 0.01 grams, Qnubu Silicone mini jars, Puresativa and friends sticker packs in a clear Smelly Proof Bag, DNA grinder, ROOR CBD PapersLunacy Papers, 3 Purize  Filter Tip Samples – a brand we will be stocking, a Little Chief Banger Glue collector’s coin, a Sativa Bags Hemp Coin Pouch in Red and a sample pack of Conscious Being Endurance CBD capsules. Conscious Being will join our brands at Puresativa extremely soon. We can’t wait to launch their exceptional range of CBD capsules. We wanted to allow you to be one of the first to try their ‘Endurance’ capsules which contain CBD isolate, organic Graviola extract and organic brown rice. Try one a day to embrace natural health and wellness. 


Puffco Budsy Gift Box Set


This Puresativa Gift Box set is the Puffco Budsy, a waterpipe camouflaged as a water bottle. Puffco has understood we sometimes have to be discrete, but it doesn’t mean stopping what you enjoy. The Budsy is the perfect disguise for when you’re on the go. Alongside is the Black Hemp Rolling Tray and the black 4-piece hemp grinder, both by Santa Cruz Shredder. Santa Cruz produces the highest quality products. These two, in particular, contain zero plastic and are fully biodegradable, allowing you to treat yourself whilst being kind to the planet. 


Pure Sativa Cookies Gift Box Set



Box 2 consists of a collaboration by Blue Cookies SF and Santa Cruz Shredders. They have produced Cookies hemp rolling trays with a slick and functional design, made from 100% biodegradable hemp. The rolling trays have the Santa Cruz Shredder distinct lip to ensure your rolling experience is straightforward and clean. In addition, we have selected the Cookies 8oz Mason Stash Jar by RE: STASH to match the rolling tray, enabling you to represent the infamous Cookies brand. The Mason Jars have a koozie or stubby holder made from silicone for UV protection and come with 100% recycled or recyclable products. More details on the technology behind the jars can be found on our website. The rolling tray and mason jar comes with 3 Cubano Cones by Vibes (hemp, rice and ultra-thin). The cones can hold over 8 grams of dry herb. The Paper cones are finished with natural acacia tree gum. 

Pure Sativa GPEN Dash Gift Box Set 3


Gift Box 3 by Puresativa is a box of blue dreams. The blue Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder 3 Piece has zero plastic, even down to the sticker, allowing you to feel guilt-free before you indulge. To pair with it, we have selected the Cookies Hemp Rolling Tray by Santa Cruz Shredder, which is made from 100% biodegradable hemp, as the grinder. The Santa Cruz Shredder hemp products have a matt finish, giving it an expensive and slick aesthetic. Finally, the Cookies Dash Herb Vaporizer by G Pen is the perfect gift to complete the set. The Cookies Dash G Pen is a lightweight, portable vaporizer for the ground herb with pre-set temperature settings. This box was curated to make your Cookies dream come true. Cookies have built up an infamous reputation and fast, therefore gained a loyal following. We wanted you or your chosen recipient to be a part of that community. 



PURESATIVA Keith Haring Bubbler Gift BOX SET 4: £150.00

Keith Haring Bubbler Gift Box Set

Keith Allen Haring was an infamous American artist whose career bloomed in the 80s in New York. The graffiti and hip-hop culture inspired Haring to create his cartoon masterpieces. We have tailored Gift Box 4 to the creatives out there who appreciate Keith Haring’s work. The Blue Glass Bubbler is a borosilicate water pipe featuring Haring’s pop art. The cartoons are influenced by New York break-dancers, with an eye-catching and charismatic print on the compact waterpipe. This Keith Haring Glass Collection piece is discreetly finished with his infamous signature. Next up, we chose the Ocean Tie Dye 8oz Runtz Mason Stash Jar by RE: STASH, a lively and artistic design to pair with the bold waterpipe. Each jar has a child protective lid to ensure your personal stash is safe. RE: STASH is a brand that focuses on producing eco-friendly and premium products to keep your content fresh. The silicone koozie is an integral feature to allow your stash to have UV protection. This slick jar is not only attractive but a clever design to maintain the freshness of your items. Finally, we added the blue two-piece Santa Cruz Hemp Grinder to finish the gift box. Santa Cruz Shredder is well-known for producing long-lasting grinders. The hemp items are the most favourited due to being environmentally friendly.

                                                                                 PURESATIVA Zkittlez Glow Tray GIFT BOX SET 5: £85.00

Zkittlez Glow Tray Gift Box Set 4

The fifth version of the Gift Box set includes the Zkittlez Red LED Glow Tray by Glow Tray. The Limited Edition rolling tray allows you to transition into the night, making it easier to see when you’re rolling, and it looks sick. Next, to fulfil your special someone’s ‘red room’ fantasy, we completed the Puresativa Gift Box with the red two-piece Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder. Finally, we have added the Vibes Hemp Cubano ConeVibes Rice Cubano Cone and the Vibes Ultra Thin Cubano Cone. The large cones make your life easier for a big session.  

CBD Gift Box Set 6


This gift box set by Puresativa is tailored for the CBD lovers amongst us. What better present than a combination of gifts to aid yours or their relaxation? Self-care is highly important, allowing you to recharge, so we felt like the Puresativa gift box set box 6 had to be a collection that reflected that. Whether you are gifting this box set to someone else or yourself, it says, “take some me time”. This is emphasized by the first item in the box, the Athletic Epsom Bath Salts with Activated CBD or the CBD Fragrance-Free Bath Salts by OM Wellness. The CBD Bath Salts allows you to completely de-stress, loosen your muscles and unwind your brain. Whether you take a bath alone or with a partner, you are bound to leave with the softest skin and calm demeanour. We also have selected a Lavander infused cosmetic, the organic Hemp Soap With Lavander by Bottega Della Canapa. The lavender and hemp soap from Italy leaves you feeling fresh whilst being kind to your skin. The sixth Gift Box further enhances the theme of relaxation that we were going for due to the Kush Vape Strawberry Banana CBD Vape Pen. Finally, we made sure to end this gift on a sweet note with the Mango Kush CBD Sweets by Medelicous. The Medilicous sweets contain 100mg CBD oil and zero THC. CBD is said to help with aches, pains and help you to rest.


Runtz Gift Box Set

The final Gift Box set put together by us at Puresativa pays homage to the Runtz legacy. Runtz has rapidly grown a dedicated army of fans across the globe. If you want to be a part of that or know your recipient is a Runtz enthusiast, this box set is the best fit. The Runtz Glass Ashtray is a solid piece made for longevity with its eye-catching logo and colours. You will be given an ashtray from the assortment of designs. We have selected other Runtz items that are the ashtrays partners in crime, such as a rolling tray. The Potato x Runtz Rolling Tray with a parquet wooden gloss effect, accompanied by a minimalistic and slick basketball print on top, oozing that cool factor. The 100% soy wax Aromatherapy Candle by Runtz in White not only looks good next to the Glass Ashtray. It is also infused with natural terpenes to give off the aromas of that smell you all know and love. The next addition is the Black and White 8oz Runtz Mason Stash Jar by RE: STASH, which comes with 100% recycled or recyclable products. Like all the RE: STASH jars, the Runtz collaboration comes with a silicone koozie that allows your stash to have UV protection. Another clever feature is the storage clip created for a Bovida Humidity Pack. Lastly, we have added the white 100% biodegradable Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder two-piece. A necessity within the 420 community. 

Which box sets include souvenir cannabis seeds? 

As the UK and EU distributor for the powerhouse seedbank that is Karma Genetics, we are incredibly excited to be able to provide you with this exclusive drop.

Sowahh Sherb Gift Box Set

The Sowahh Sherb Gift BoxSowahh Gift Box and the Headbanger Gift Box are three of the most sought after strains. These Puresativa Gift Box Sets include an extensive list of freebies from ourselves and our friends at Karma Genetics. The extra gifts are Sour Leda Regular Cannabis Seeds, and a Christmas themed present. The festive treat is a never seen before pack of six feminized EggNog (Holy Skit x Meon) cannabis seeds. A disc of Grounded Genetics with one feminized seed of each of the following strains: Pinata, Blue Bacio and Frootz. A Little Chief Collabs promo of one free Killer Glue Female and Banger Glue Female seed. The rest of the gifts include a sticker pack from Puresativa and friends in a Smelly Proof bag and a Karma Genetics limited glass engraved jar. Additionally, a Qnubu Silicone mini jar, ROOR CBD papers, Little Chief Collabs Banger Glue Coin, and Kenex Rosin Digital Precision Scales that have readability of 0.01 grams and three Purize Filter Tip Samples. 

Blue Bacio Gift Box Set

The final Puresativa Gift Box Sets are by two seed banks, which are extremely hot on the market, surpassing industry standards. They are the Banger Glue Gift Box Set by Little Chief Collabs and the Blue Bacio Gift Box Set by Grounded Genetics. We are gifting both of these box sets with an overwhelming amount of freebies. Starting with the Grounded Genetics disc, which includes one feminized seed of Blue BacioPinata and Frootz. Another promo from Grounded Genetics, three feminized Runtz cannabis seeds. Next up is the Little Chief Collabs feminized promo with one Killer Glue and one Banger Glue free seed. The last two gifted packs are six House of the Great Gardener Orange Barb fems and two feminized Strawberry AK by Serious Seeds. Additionally, you will receive a ROOR mini Glass Ashtray, Lunacy papersQnubu silicone mini jar, DNA grinder, Puresativa and friends sticker packs in a Smelly Proof bag, Spitfire Genetics badge, ROOR CBD papers and a Kenex Rosin Scale. 

The release of our Gift Box Sets by Puresativa is an exciting addition to our ranges because we have tailored it specifically to you, our customers. The concept behind the gift sets was to provide you with elite brands for a great price. Our beautiful packaging and magical touches created that high-quality experience that we love to deliver. This release by our team at Puresativa is a way to thank you for your loyal support. We hope that we can all continue to celebrate our community together.