Privileged Lungs - Quality Affordable Bangers

Pure Sativa has recently teamed up with Privileged Lungs to help bring quality quartz bangers to the market at an affordable price! We noticed that there were a lot of expensive bangers on the market but that a lot of the imported Chinese quartz was often costly or lacking in quality. So we began our task of sourcing the best bangers for the best price. To ensure that everyone could get more out of their concentrates thanks to these quality bangers. Privileged Lungs is a cannabis extract reviewer and a tastemaker with a preference for extracts that have been produced via a solventless methodology. 

Privileged Lungs' fascination with cannabis began early in life. He first started combusting cannabis early in life when he instantly got relief from ailments he had been suffering from until that point. Like most consumers in the UK and Europe, he began following the storied European tradition of mixing tobacco with cannabis that originates from traditional hashish smoking where tobacco was required to allow the hash to combust in a joint properly. However, the relief he experienced grew exponentially when he decided to quit consuming tobacco and moved to smoke joints of pure flower. At this point, he realised the extent to which tobacco can camouflage flower quality. After finding in 2017 that quality flowers were harder to come by under the rise of imported Cali cannabis flower, he decided to try his first dab of cannabis extracts. That's when Privileged Lungs' world was irreversibly changed forever. 

Today locally grown quality cannabis is much more commonplace (as well as mids and low grade), but Privileged Lungs has never moved back to regular flower combustion. He realised how purer and more powerful the medicinal qualities from concentrates could be (not to mention the taste). This passion led him to review many of the extracts he consumed. Starting with BHO (Butane Hash Oil) produced from Cured and WPFF starting material(Whole Plant Fresh Frozen), which refers to the practice of freezing the crop at the moment of harvest to ensure the trichomes and terpenes are preserved for the extraction. He quickly developed a love for solventless in 2017 when solventless hash rosin started to make waves in California and had begun to be exported worldwide. Hash rosin tends to be produced from bubble hash, which is generally considered the cream of the crop when it is of high enough quality to leave behind minimal residue in the banger. However, the variables to make this hash are nearly endless. So, it is frequently turned into hash rosin by pressing it at a low temperature with significant pressure between 2 heated metal plates. Hash rosin can also be made from dry sift, made from hash made from dried and cured bud or collected while trimming a crop using a trimbin. Hash Rosin is usually qualified with the term 'live' to denote whether it is made from freshly frozen material or not. Live refers to the live plant essence instead of dried and cured buds where the terpene and trichome content will be significantly reduced. 

Since his introduction to hash rosin, the number of brands producing it has exploded alongside the average gram price when it ends up in the consumer's hands. However, it's challenging to know what to expect with cultivars from which you haven't experienced many variations. So after he had tried some extracts of strains that he'd enjoyed before and found they tasted completely different from what he was expecting, Privileged Lungs decided that he should start documenting his experiences.  

This realisation that he could help guide consumers decisions, alongside his passion, led him to review the extracts so that other people could have a baseline of what to expect with their concentrates. Live Hash Rosin swiftly became his extract of choice. He was drawn to the intensity of the effects and the solventless production methodology, which avoids using butane and is a far more natural production method that many views as an old-world hashing technique upgraded with modern equipment. 

As he got deeper into cannabis extracts and began influencing his friends to jump into the burgeoning dabbing scene, he noticed they were running through bangers constantly and not taking care of them. Furthermore, most of them spent hundreds on small-batch made American artisan quartz and did not take care of their bangers. He realised a gap in the market for both affordable and quality quartz imported bangers. 

This realisation inspired countless hours of research and R&D sessions (aka the most fun work sesh that they've had so far) with the team testing different quartz bangers from a whole host of factories until they settled on one. 

The Privileged Lungs bangers' criteria were to find pure quartz bangers with thick enough quartz to allow sufficient heat retention to provide thick clouds of vapour and great terpenes whilst being durable and resilient. The quartz used is made pure to a 99.99% standard with bevelled edges on the chamber's top to ensure a tightly secured seal with the carb cap or marble. So you get the clouds and complete terpene profile that you deserve. The necks are fully welded to be extra sturdy and resilient to knocks. The range consists of 2 regular bucket bangers, a mini terp slurper and 3 varieties of blender design; all of the blenders and the Terp Slurper comes with a marble and slurper set. Privileged Lungs and Pure Sativa are constantly scouring the market for new sample banger designs to try and add to the line. 

After our first banger drop, we decided we had to release our first of many small-batch collaborative clothing drops. We plan to create these limited drops at Pure Sativa with many of our elite brands, breeders or to commemorate some of our favourite strains. The graphics on the Privileged Lungs x Pure Sativa hoodie have been designed in house by our gifted Nikita Vora showing how Privileged Lungs is 99% weed at this point, both in the form of solventless extracts & the Headbanger OG.

The Privileged Lungs hoodie will be dropping today 25/01/2022, so be sure to get yours and make sure everyone knows that your lungs are privileged!