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In the rapidly advancing, evolving, and enchanting world of cannabis production and genetics, one particular name is consistently mentioned and held in high regard in the world of autoflowering cannabis strains. The name behind this highly acclaimed brand is Night Owl Seeds.


Night Owl Seeds set out to change the game with its exceptional autoflowering strains, carving a niche by producing cannabis genetics that combines easy-growing patterns with high-quality yields of flavour-filled buds.

This blog article will discuss and examine Night Owl Seeds' origins, mission, and standout strains, focusing on their collaboration with Dark Horse Genetics, also known as Dark Owl Seeds.

Night Owl Seeds - Beginnings 


Night Owl Seeds was founded by breeder Daz, a man with a burning desire to breed elite, potent autoflowering strains to growers of all skill levels. Autoflowering strains are distinct as they produce flowering plants based on the age of the plant rather than the number of light cycles they experience; these styles of genetics offer several serious advantages, including dramatic reproducing growth cycles, heavy resilience and ease of cultivation. The result is these attributes make the plants appealing to both novice and experienced growers. However, there has been a definite historical preference for photoperiod plants by experienced growers, but that has changed in recent times thanks to the advancements in autoflowering strains. These attributes make them particularly appealing to both novice and professional growers. 

Daz's journey into the Night Owl Seeds brand began with his burning desire for elite genetics and breeding. 


This innovation and quality-focused mindset have enabled him to experiment with various genetics, eventually leading to the creation of Night Owl Seeds. The brand has swiftly gained a reputation for the highest-quality, unique strains offering excellent yields, distinctive flavours, and potent effects. 



What Makes Night Owl Seeds Stand Out?

1. Commitment to Quality: Night Owl Seeds strongly emphasizes quality control. Each strain is meticulously bred, tested, and stabilized before being released. This ensures that growers receive seeds that germinate well, thrive, and produce consistent results.


2. Unique Genetics: Daz's passion for unique and rare genetics is evident in the diverse array of genetic offerings and types of crosses provided by Night Owl Seeds. The brand specializes in creating new and exciting combinations that bring together the best traits of various cannabis varieties.


3. Autoflowering Expertise: While many seed banks offer autoflowering strains, Night Owl Seeds has perfected the art. Their strains are known for their robust growth, short flowering times, and impressive yields, making them a top choice for growers looking for convenience without sacrificing quality.

4. Community Engagement: Night Owl Seeds maintains a strong connection with its community of growers. Through social media and online forums, such as Discord and Reddit, Daz regularly interacts with customers, providing growing tips and strain updates, sharing success stories and increasing attributes with fellow growers.



Top Autoflowering Strains by Night Owl Seeds

Night Owl Seeds offers a plethora of autoflowering strains, each with unique characteristics. Here are some of their standout strains:


1. Saint Expeditus: This hybrid strain is an S1 version of the Zamaldelica Express F4, using a unique Purple Carrot Phenotype/ She has crazy sweet carrot aromas that stand out on top of the outstanding notes that emit from the Zamaldelica profile. Night Owl Seeds recommends that you don't sleep on this one, bringing unique landrace sativa genetics from Africa into autoflowering seed form. 


2. CPT OG: Compton OG, aka CPT OG, is a hybrid cross that blends the legendary Marathon OG F3 with the Creme de la Compoton F3. This enables the flowers to be far denser than the average OG, which oozes potent gassiness with some extra notes of lemon and lime zest to be discovered. She is extremely heavy and can leave you going from motivated to half asleep in moments. 



3. Strawberry Milk and Qookies Remix: Strawberry Milk and Cookies Remix is the follow-up to the original Strawberry Milk and Qookies one of the favourite strains bred by Night Owl Seeds, the remix version just reverses the parents round meaning this one uses Bruce Banner #3 as the mother, instead of the reversal but still coming from the same seed stock. The Bruce Banner 3 cut fuses golf-ball sized buds packed full of Strawberry OG goodness, the Qookies & Cream passes on its stellar resin production in the original and this remix is thought to be no different! 



4. Microverse Morsels V2:

This cultivar produces mid-size squat Indica-structure plants that produce heavy notes packed with blueberry traits, cookie funkiness and some lasting cheesy notes that ensure she is an absolute dream to consume. They are perfect hash plants expressing perfect uniformity levels across their structure and bud production, resulting in incredible fades. Microverse Morsels is the product of Crossing Blue Microverse F5 x Milk and Qookies; the Milk and Qookies produce extra vigour, greasy trichomes as well as exotic creamy notes and sativa leaning flowers that make her the perfect pair to breed with the Blue Mircoverse


5. Scoopski F2


Scoopski F2 is a new school hybrid that should not be slept on. Crossing Purple Scoops with a reversed Wizard's Apprentice F4, this limited edition F2 hybrid builds on Scoopski's heritage. Two different Scoopski phenotypes were used for different runs of the Scoopski F2. The green phenotype had a powerful and intense citrus gas, whilst the other purple phenotype tended to lean towards a deep berry gas. 


Growing Autoflowering Strains

Cultivating auto strains from Night Owl Seeds is straightforward, whether you're an expert or a beginner. 

1. Proper Lighting: Because auto strains don't rely on light cycles to flower, providing ample light (18 hours per day) can maximize growth and yield.

2. Nutrient Management: Autoflowers generally require fewer nutrients than photoperiod strains. Start with a light feeding regimen and adjust based on plant response. Autos can become stunted, so it is best to be cautious. 

3. Environment Control: Maintaining an ideal temperature and ensuring humidity levels prevent stress and promote healthy growth. Autoflowers are resilient but thrive best in stable conditions.

4. Training Techniques: Low-stress training (LST) can help increase yields by promoting better light penetration and air circulation. However, growers should avoid high-stress techniques such as topping, as autoflowers have a limited vegetative period.

5. Harvest Timing: Monitor trichome colour and shape to determine the best harvest time. The general advice when growing any strain is to harvest when you have a mix of cloudy and amber trichomes, indicating peak potency.



Dark Owl Seeds: A Collaboration with Dark Horse Genetics

One of the most exciting ventures for Night Owl Seeds has been their collaboration with Jason from Dark Horse Genetics, resulting in the creation of Dark Owl Seeds. The partnership of these giants helps bring together the expertise and innovation of both brands to produce a line of exceptional autoflowering strains.

About Dark Horse Genetics

Dark Horse Genetics, founded by Jason "JBeezy" Bowen, is renowned for its high-quality photoperiod strains. By ensuring they focus on potency, flavour profile, and the prevailing presence of unique genetics, Dark Horse Genetics has a well-established reputation in the cannabis community. Their Bruce Banner strain, in particular, has become a staple for many growers.

The Birth of Dark Owl Seeds

The collaboration between Night Owl Seeds and Dark Horse Genetics was a natural fit, given their shared commitment to quality and innovation. Dark Owl Seeds combines the best traits of both brands, offering autoflowering hybrids of some of Dark Horse Genetics' excellent genetics. 


Standout Strains from Dark Owl Seeds

1. Marathon OG Auto: This is one of the best-ever Auto OG strains to grace the world. Night Owl Seeds and Dark Horse Genetics have a deep penchant for OG strains, and the Marathon OG Auto is a special one, producing monstrous plants that pack heavy branching alongside unbelievably dense flowers caked in terp-rich resin. She is so powerful that consumers will perceive that they have run a marathon after consuming her. She's packed with phenotypes that have far more purple hues than previous iterations, plus one of the phenotypes has a natural purple rather than temperature-induced purple, and it also happens to be the loudest of the bunch. 

Marathon OG Auto retains the original's signature earth and OG-gas flavours, offering growers a potent and fast-flowering option.


2. Amulet OG Auto: Amulet OG is a hybrid of Sour Stomper Marathon OG Auto F3 and Dark Owl Seeds' attempt to produce an auto version of Grape StomperSour Stomper was bred to create funky and potent greasy resin with a deep grape tinge. The Sour Stompere used was an exact dead ringer for the Sour Stomper used to make the 91 Grapes strain. Whilst the Marathon OG F3 was selected and used for her gassy, Lemon OG Funk, coupled with the incredible structure and resin production, makes for an elite reversal. 


3. Gammathon Auto: This hybrid pairs the game-changing Marathon OG Auto with the Bruce Banner #3, with the latter being a staple genetic that Dark Horse Genetics is revered for. Being an F1, it is both full of vigour and exciting varieties, and the Marathon OG auto has the potential to produce some unique 'purple fruit' tasting phenotypes, whilst the iconic Bruce Banner 3 can be packed full of sweet strawberry notes as well as gaseous OG notes. The purple phenotypes are considered the more elite as they all have a unique and out-of-this-world nose and a wide variety of terpene profiles. 


4. Valencia Kush Auto: This hybrid is a pairing of the Orange Diesel V4 pollinated by Marathon OG F3. Named after the exotically sweet Valencian oranges that ripen in the Spanish sun, she is aptly named the mother of the Orange Diesel. This strain has diamond-encrusted resin that packs in a lovely candy-orange terp profile. Overall, the Valencia Kush will produce a bitter, earthy and orange-heavy strain capable of haymakers. Thanks to the OG in the lineage, it should be far more sedating than the other Orange Diesel V4 in the Dark Owl Seeds library, the Harvey Wallbanger.


5. Midnight Marathon Auto: Midnight Marathon Auto is a cross between two different Marathon OG Auto F3 phenotypes, with this version using the deep purple phenotype as the mother. The Marathon OG Auto F3 pollinated her, and the resulting progeny packed heavy resin production. Fifty percent of the progeny expressed true purple colours and were highly sedative. 



Night Owl Seeds has made a significant impact on the cannabis community by offering high-quality autoflowering strains that are both easy to grow and highly rewarding. Their collaboration with Dark Horse Genetics through Dark Owl Seeds has expanded their repertoire, bringing more legendary genetics into the autoflowering world. Whether you're a novice grower or an experienced cultivator, Night Owl Seeds and Dark Owl Seeds offer a wide assortment of cannabis genetics that suit all preferences and skill levels. Night Owl Seeds continues to lead the way in the autoflowering cannabis market, and taking a look at their stables plus all their fans documented grows, it's not hard to see why. 




Seed Disclaimer

All our descriptions and images have come direct from the breeders who operate in a legal climate much different to that within the United Kingdom. Take note, you should NEVER try cultivating any cannabis plants within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal. Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as a curio or novelty item and should never be germinated. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!