Look the Part with the Shorty Odour Proof Backpack

The reality is that when you are out and about, you want to look your best and when it comes to your backpack, you want to make sure that it looks great but it also offers excellent functionality. This is where the Shorty Odour Proof Backpack comes in!


What Do You Want From a Backpack?

Well, you’re going to want to get a lot from your backpack because it should be designed to do a bit of everything. 

You're going to need a backpack that has lots of storage space and this backpack has plenty of space. In fact, it has more than enough space because you get the main compartment which can carry a lot but you also have a front zipped compartment as well as side pockets. 

Next, you’re going to want something that’s lightweight because carrying items in your bag shouldn’t be made heavier by the bag you are carrying them in! Therefore, the lightweight materials on offer here, make this Reverly bag easy to carry and extremely comfortable too. 

So, when you have the latest products you want to know that you're getting the latest technology and that’s what you also get with this backpack. In reality, this backpack could be considered one of the best on the market because of the way that it uses several different technologies. The first technology to consider is the use of carbon filters. You might be wondering why you need carbon filters in a bag but what about all those strong odours that you want to conceal or get rid of? This technology does it brilliantly well. Furthermore, backpacks aren’t just made for fair weather. So, when you get caught in a downpour, you need to know that your bag comes out of it as dry as possible. Fortunately, the use of a rubber shield that is commonly found in water resistant bags means that this is going to keep your belongings wet, and that’s hugely important!

Style is an absolute must when it comes to backpacks and this bag from Reverly captures everything brilliantly well. The design is sleek and modern while the range of colours make it extremely versatile. It looks classy yet modern and it straddles the line between the two brilliantly well. This means that you could wear it with a suit on the way to the office or you could wear it while wandering around town. 

This odour proof backpack captures everything that you would need from a bag. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into it and that makes it a must-have for anyone wanting to look cool on the street or sophisticated in the office. The odour technology is great for hiding any unwanted odours while the secret inner stash pocket is perfect for concealing items away from prying eyes!

On the whole, when you find a backpack that does it all then it’s something that you have to take advantage of and there is plenty on offer with this amazing backpack!