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Green Bodhi has carved a niche within the cannabis breeding community, focusing on the development and preservation of rare and potent cannabis genetics. This practice can be described by a phrase they've coined called 'inentional horticulture.' 


The owner of Green Bodhi is John Bayes, a man who was fascinated from early in the world of cannabis as well as psychedelics and esoteric studies. This fascination took him far and wide until he found himself in Peru, where he met a teacher who combined ancient philosophy, psychology and practices and told John that he had already mastered relations with the wisdom plant, now to master your intention. John was called to the cannabis plant early after finding some in his neighbour's garden, aged six and taking them into the paddling pool with his friend and stomping on them. 


Since then, Green Bodhi has developed in leaps and bounds, with the primary aim of the company being to teach others to cultivate just as good or better than himself; he's been in the foreground of the industry as well as advising with the regulatory process in Oregon and even creating an organic soil line with Hendrikus organics. Baye's commitment to sustainability and mindfulness in cultivation practices mirrors the unique characteristics of its genetic lines and how it cultivates its flower. So, without further delay, let's delve into the details of its prized genetics, exploring the heritage, flavours, and effects that set each line apart.


The Hazy Kush Line

Green Bodhi's Hazy Kush mother is a rare gem in the cannabis world. After having its genetics identified by Phylos Bioscience, who are at the forefront of modern cannabis genetic testing, they've shown the Hazy Kush genotype is a rare one, having few close relatives. This scarcity underscores its importance and unique place in the dynamic world of cannabis breeding. Subsequently, Green Bodhi has developed 9 F1 hybrids and an S1 clone pairing to preserve these precious genetics. The Hazy Kush Line is also notable for being the only feminized line among Green Bodhi's offerings with us at Pure Sativa. The Hazy Kush truly is a unique cultivar that successfully embodies a blend of mysterious haze and kush qualities that cater to connoisseurs seeking rarity and depth in their cannabis experience. The Hazy Kush line is currently the only range from Green Bodhi that is available in feminized seed form. 


The OGLA78 Line

The OGLA78 genetic line hails from the original OG LA Affie, a strain that brings to the table a deep, almost narcotic, and trippy high, reflecting its old-school California roots. This male strain has a rich flavour profile teeming with earthy, coffee, and fruity mango notes. Regarding its effects, it's not a pure indica, offering a more nuanced experience. Green Bodhi has bred seven F1 hybrids using an OGLA78 male to preserve and enhance the OG LA Affie's distinct genetics through several new crosses.

The OGCD78 Line

Derived from an illustrious lineage that crosses SFV OG with ChemD and '78 OGLA Affie, the OGCD78 line is a testament to potency and depth. For those who appreciate a potent aromatic profile, this line profoundly influences the resulting progeny of these hybrids with the intense kush, gas, and diesel flavour profile. Green Bodhi has utilized an OGCD78 male to develop 7 F1 hybrids, preserving this robust genetic line while introducing fresh nuances through new combinations.


The Afghani #1 Line

The Afghani #1 line, one of Green Bodhi's newest additions, showcases an Afghani male that brings sedative effects and a complex terpene profile with earthy, skunky, and peppery notes to all the hybrid F1s it helps to create. This killer Afghani #1 stud is found from a batch of Sensi Seeds and gifted by Coastal Seeds; this male is a treasure trove for hash makers due to its high resin content. Green Bodhi has used this line to breed five new F1 hybrids, focusing on both preserving the Afghani #1 genetics and enriching them through crossbreeding.

The '89 Northern Lights #5 Line

Tracing its roots back to the legendary haze breeder Nevil, the '89 Northern Lights #5 line boasts a lineage that is both pure and potent. With flavour profiles ranging from sweet notes to skunk and burnt rubber, this line offers a diverse palette for breeding. Sourced from Melvanetics, a breeder closely associated with the infamous haze breeder known as Nevil, this stock promises a faithful transmission of its desirable traits, making it an ideal choice for those exploring their breeding ventures.

Green Bodhi's dedication to preserving and advancing cannabis genetics is evident in its meticulous breeding practices and the diverse genetic lines it offers. From the rare and elusive Hazy Kush to the potent and diverse '89 Northern Lights #5, each line holds a unique place in the cannabis community, offering something special for connoisseurs, breeders, and enthusiasts alike. As Green Bodhi continues to explore the boundaries of cannabis genetics, its commitment to quality, sustainability, and mindfulness sets a standard in the cultivation and appreciation of this ancient plant.

Beyond the remarkable genetic library Green Bodhi nurtures, its approach to cannabis cultivation intertwines with a philosophy that emphasizes intention, mindfulness, and environmental harmony. This ethos not only distinguishes it within the cannabis breeding sphere but also elevates the quality and vibrancy of its genetics.

Mindful Cultivation Practices

Green Bodhi believes in treating each plant with respect and care. Grand's result is that they unlock the full potential of their genetics, ensuring that each strain not only thrives in its environment but also truly expresses the essence of its lineage.

This mindful approach extends beyond the plants to how Green Bodhi interacts with their environment. Sustainable cultivation methods are the priority to minimize environmental impact, reflecting a commitment to the planet's well-being. Such practices include organic farming techniques, efficient water use, and a focus on renewable resources, ensuring that their operations contribute positively to the ecological balance.

The Impact on the Cannabis Community

Green Bodhi's dedication to preserving rare genetics and mindful cultivation practices have garnered attention far beyond their Oregon roots, influencing both connoisseurs and fellow breeders worldwide. Their approach challenges the cannabis industry to consider not just the end product but the journey there, advocating for a more conscious and sustainable relationship with cannabis cultivation.

Moreover, Green Bodhi's work in genetic preservation is crucial in an era where cannabis strains face the threat of homogenization. By maintaining and sharing diverse genetic lines, they play a vital role in conserving the plant's history and complexity for future generations. This commitment not only enriches the genetic pool but also ensures that the cultural and medicinal heritage of cannabis remains vibrant and accessible.

Education and Community Engagement

Green Bodhi actively engages with the community, not just as a breeder but as an educator. Hosting workshops, participating in panels, and sharing their knowledge online fosters a culture of learning and exchange within the cannabis space. This openness not only demystifies the complexities of cannabis genetics and cultivation but also empowers individuals to connect with the plant on a deeper level, whether for medicinal, recreational, or spiritual purposes.

Green Bodhi's approach to cannabis genetics and cultivation is a testament to the power of mindful interaction with nature. Their genetic lines are not just a catalogue of strains but a living library of cannabis history and culture, nurtured with intention and respect. As they continue to explore the possibilities of cannabis genetics, their influence extends beyond their gardens, inspiring a more conscious, connected, and sustainable relationship with the natural world. In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis, Green Bodhi does something different, and as a result, it will undoubtedly continue to radiate as a true beacon of quality, virtue, and mindfulness, guiding the way towards a more enlightened and inclusive cannabis future.


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Seed Disclaimer

All our descriptions and images have come direct from the breeders who operate in a legal climate much different to that within the United Kingdom. Take note, you should NEVER try cultivating any cannabis plants within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal. Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as a curio or novelty item and should never be germinated. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!