Grateful Seeds Award Winning Genetics

Grateful Seeds are ever-growing in popularity, and rightfully so; these established Italian breeders based in Spain are at the forefront of new cannabis genetics with a specific focus on extraction, as is the focus of many great minds in the industry thanks to its explosion in demand. This pioneering cannabis seed brand has achieved global recognition for its superior genetic selections and breeding practices leading them to produce innovative new hybrids.

The reach of their brand is global which can be seen in the many impressive accolades they've taken across multiple prestigious cannabis competitions.


This blog will explore the brand's achievements, highlighting its cup placements and distinctive strains that captivated judges and connoisseurs alike.


Egoclash 2024 Barcelona

Many know the Egoclash event as the hash competition to win due to the entry criteria: Everyone who enters has to sit there and judge the other competitors' entries. Each entrant brings a large jar, so the samples aren't restricted to a tiny hit like other competitions that limit the sample size to 0.2g. This entry criteria means the entrants often get a feel for just how well they've placed by how much extract is left in the jar once they have finished, or flower, depending on the category you are competing under.

Grateful seeds creation of the Z Head from their one-shot line, a fusion of ZoZ and the legendary 26mm, their true resin queen pheno, stood out amongst the crowd, including several Zkittlez entries, forever proving that Zkittlez hybrids aren't just Z-light strains.


Rising to the Top with Zhead

Grateful Seeds flew first in the rosin category with their Zhead strain, with the accomplishment being brought to reality by a killer solventless hash producer with a wicked eye for selecting elite cuts and a knack for growing elite quality organic resin. The Zhead stood out against the crowd thanks to its rich terpene profile that produces powerful gassy lime Zkittlez notes and a potent effect, ensuring it is a favourite amongst solventless extraction fans. The winning Zhead entry showcased the exceptional quality of the rosin, characterised by its purity and flavour, setting a high standard for future competitions. The Zhead is currently in stock here at Pure Sativa, as are some other severe hybrids using the same ZoZ mother, such as their 7 S.O.H. bred with the Banana Gelee and the After Z, which is ZoZ with the Key Lime Pie.




Flower Excellence with Sunsetz

In the flower category, Grateful Seeds again took home the gold with the 'La Chanvriere selection' of the strain Sunstez. This strain is particularly noteworthy as it is the mother of the acclaimed Happy Ending strain. The Happy Ending is so special as the Sunsetz hasn't ever been released with us in seed form, but her profile can be expressed to a high standard in the Happy Ending progeny with the mother being the Sunsetz and the pollinator of Fruit Joy. A killer Sunstez example impressed fellow contenders at the Ego Clash with its robust flavours and aromatic bouquet, combined with high potency, ensuring a memorable experience that clearly stood out from the competition. Over the years, Sunsetz has taken over ten first-place awards, proving her pedigree with those killer peach terps.




Second Place with Tropicanna Cookies x26mm

Not all victories come at the top, but consistent performance is key in establishing a brand's reputation. Grateful Seeds established this with a second-place finish in the dry sift category at Egoclash, featuring a strain grown by Badalona Organic strain, Tripicannacookiesx26. This strain's complex genetic makeup and exquisite resin production make it ideal for producing top-tier dry sift, proving that quality can meet quantity.

The Much_Roll_Cup Victory

The successes at Egoclash paved the way for another stellar performance at the recent Much_Roll_Cup, where Grateful Seeds once again dominated the flower category. This time with another entry from the 'Badalona Organic' team, with the Frosted Onionz, which took the top spot, captivating judges with its unique flavour profile and striking frost-like trichome coverage. This victory not only reinforced Grateful Seeds' dominance in the flower categories but also highlighted their ability to consistently produce award-winning cannabis under varying competition standards.




What Makes Grateful Seeds Stand Out?

The achievements of Grateful Seeds can be attributed to several key factors:

Innovative Breeding: Their commitment to genetic excellence and innovation is evident in the diversity and quality of the strains they develop.

Resin Focussed Genetics: In recent years, following the advent of the solventless 'live' hash market, many breeders' focus has moved away from heavy biomass production with the goal to increase the overall resin production as this is where the terpenes and cannabinoids are stored and created, and as such heavy-resin strains can be viewed as higher-quality as well as possessing more therapeutic and potentially medicinal traits. Grateful Seeds are keen propents of this, by selectively breeding genetics that exhibit excellent trichome development. Trichomes are the small, glandular structures on the surface of the buds and leaves where cannabinoids and terpenes are produced and stored. Strains like Zhead and Frosted Onionz, known for their dense trichome coverage, are ideal as they yield a greater volume of resin when processed, making them highly effective for solventless extraction methods such as water hash, hash rosin and dry sift.
Solventless extraction Grateful Seeds not only breeds for general characteristics like resin production and terpene profiles but also select specific traits tailored to the needs of solventless extraction. For instance, some strains may be bred to have a softer, more pliable resin that is easier to extract using heat and pressure but sometimes can be too greasy for water hash production. Others might be selected for their ability to produce dry, crystalline trichomes, which are ideal for kief collection and dry sift methods. Grateful Seeds endeavours to produce strains that only produce high quality resin, but abundant resin too.


Grateful Seeds' recent accolades in prestigious cannabis competitions like Egoclash and Much_Roll_Cup are a clear indicator of their commitment to excellence and innovation in cannabis breeding. For enthusiasts and connoisseurs, their strains offer a glimpse into what focused genetic selection and passionate cultivation can achieve. As Grateful Seeds continues to evolve and expand its offerings, the cannabis community eagerly anticipates what it will develop next. Their journey is not just about winning but setting new benchmarks in the quality and experience of cannabis consumption.

Grateful Seeds has carved out a niche for itself in the cannabis industry by focusing on genetics that are especially suited for extraction, particularly in the solventless category whilst also still creating killer stains that tick all the boxes for flower production.

In conclusion, Grateful Seeds' focus on extraction-friendly genetics is a calculated strategy to cater to the growing segment of consumers and producers interested in solventless cannabis products. By developing strains that are high in resin and terpene content, genetically stable, and tailored for specific extraction processes, Grateful Seeds ensures that their products lead the market in quality and innovation across the market but particularly those looking for solventless hash production.



Seed Disclaimer

All our descriptions and images have come direct from the breeders who operate in a legal climate much different to that within the United Kingdom. Take note, you should NEVER try cultivating any cannabis plants within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal. Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as a curio or novelty item and should never be germinated. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!