Ultra Grapefruit Regular Cannabis Seeds by Ultra Genetics

Ultra Genetics have released a new strain this week called Ultra Greapefruit!

They describe their new strain in their own words

"This strain is Ultra Genetics seed version of the well known Canadian Grapefruit clone. Ultra Grapefruit is an Indica dominant plant with a good yield and a flowering time of about eight weeks with some phenotypes possibly going closer to nine. The flavour is unique with a very heavy fruity taste which gives it the Grapefruit name. Plants can be grown in any type of set up and perform well in a sea of green grow and outdoor grow depending on your climate."

To Celebrate ! !

They have also set up a free OFFER for all their customers who buy ANY of their strains. You will receive 2 packs of 3 regular seeds of Mazar I Sharif and AK Confidential x Grapefruit. All these seeds will be in ADDITION to what you buy!


Ultra Genetics has launched a new strain AK Confidential and are giving away 3 reg AK Confidential x Grapefruit PLUS a special strain 3 reg AK Confidential x Fire Alien Strawberry.

So dont miss out make sure you buy the latest seeds strain from Ultra Genetics and get this amazing FREEBIE - they wont last long!