If you listen to the British press, you will be aware of the recent sensationalist claims that Skunk is the most potent form of cannabis available at the present time.  It isn’t of course – it’s not even close.  Skunk is a legendary strain, but there are much more potent strains around – some with almost double the THC (Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) content of Skunk.  Elemental Seeds’ True OG, for example, weighs in with around 27% THC – a monstrously potent variety that is most certainly not for the faint-hearted. 

Anyway; Skunk.  Yeah, we’ve got loads of it:  Classic Skunk, Power Skunk, Dready Skunk, Skunk Haze, Skunk #1, Skunk XXX, Blueberry Skunk – the list goes on.

Skunk #1 by legendary Amsterdam seed company, Sensi Seeds is the marijuana strain that changed how breeders work forever.  Skunk #1 was the very first stable hybrid strain to find its way into Dutch coffeeshops back in the 1980s.  The incredible potency and combination of flavours made it an instant hit with customers, paving the way for decades of experimental breeding which has yielded thousands of hybrid strains.  Derived from a cross of Afghani, Mexican and Colombian landrace strains, Skunk #1 retains the best properties of the parent strains, yet remains relatively simple for breeders to cultivate in a legal climate.  Legal test grows in The Netherlands showed that Skunk #1 grows vigorously and rapidly with strong, robust branches developing to support the large, dense colas.  Skunk #1 is now available from PureSativa as collectable, souvenir seeds, allowing you to own and preserve these special genetics for future generations to enjoy.

Super Sour Skunk from Hortilab is a much more recent creation than Skunk #1.  An old school, pre-98 Super Skunk was crossed with East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD) to produce this Indica / Sativa hybrid.  Hortilab’s test grows, conducted in their fully legal facility demonstrated that Super Sour Skunk has superb flower to leaf ratio, finishing in around 10 weeks.  The soaring Sativa effects are as special as the breeding pedigree suggests.  A lovely strain available now as a souvenir keepsake in either regular or feminised seed form.

Our full collection of Skunk cannabis seeds offers numerous variations on the original strain, from several different seed companies.  Browse our virtual shelves and we’re sure you’ll find the right Skunk cannabis for you.  Don’t forget; we also supply the world’s finest marijuana seeds on a wholesale basis – register your headshop using the Wholesale tab at the top of our homepage.  We’ll set you up to view the website with wholesale prices, and we’ll keep you updated with new strain releases as and when they arrive.

*We actually have 35 different types of Skunk.