Eco Friendly Hemp Grinders from Santa Cruz Shredders

These new 2-piece herb grinders from Santa Cruz Shredders are made in the USA from fully biodegradable hemp fibre.

Santa Cruz Shredder (SCS) sit proudly among the elite industry leaders in the grinder market. Their research and product development team pore over designs, constantly tweaking and improving the manufacture of their products to create a tool that every smoker can rely on.
Previous innovations have included the knurled grip designed for medical patients and those with limited dexterity in the hands and fingers. This superior grip makes the grinders much easier to turn and twist, providing a butter-smooth action and a fluffy, even grind.

Taking pride in the quality of their finished products to the next level, SCS are the only company using medical-grade ultrasonic cleansing procedures to remove all contaminants from the machined piece. This process uses high frequency soundwaves and a sterile solution to penetrate every nook and cranny of the surface, including ‘blind holes’, to remove anything adhering to the surface of the product – from fingerprints to traces of polishing compounds. It’s a remarkably obsessive endeavor, but it all means that a Santa Cruz Shredder is the ONLY truly medical grade grinder on the market.

Now, SCS have turned their attention to the political hot potato that is the environment and the plastic consumption crisis. SCS share the same concern for the planet as the majority of the counter-culture movement do; we have to do something about plastic waste and any eco-friendly alternative is worth consideration. So, as environmentally conscious smokers search for ways to reduce their ecological impact and carbon footprint, Santa Cruz Shredders have come up with these plastic-free grinders in a range of colours and designs.

Made in California from 100% natural hemp with a fully compostable label, these durable little shredders offer a stylish and sustainable alternative to cheap plastic and acrylic grinders.

The real achievement here is that Santa Cruz have managed to create a 100% biodegradable grinder that still performs as well as their conventional aluminium shredders. These non-acrylic grinders have the same unique design and stay-sharp teeth as the rest of the range, guaranteeing that soft, fluffy grind that has made Santa Cruz a household name.

Order yourself a new Santa Cruz Hemp Shredder today and experience the perfect grind every time with a clean, plastic-free conscience.