Connoisseur Genetics are, like so many of the world’s top seed companies, based in Amsterdam – the beating heart of the European marijuana industry.

Their proximity to so many other leading breeders and genetics experts has led to them forming bonds with their peers and sharing genetics to create their elite strains of cannabis.

Here at PureSativa, we have always been impressed by the sheer quality of the seeds produced by Connoisseur Genetics.  We have stocked their seeds for years now, and just last year, this small seed company released some exciting new strains which we are delighted to be able to offer for sale as collectable, souvenir seeds:

Triangle Kush Cookies is, as the moniker suggests, a hybrid strain derived from a cross of Triangle Kush mother which was pollinated with a Girl Scout Cookies male.  Connoisseur Genetics’ breeders somehow manage to harness the very best qualities of both parent strains to produce this high end variety that simply oozes class.  Triangle Kush is one of the rare OG Kush cuts that knowledgeable cannabis experts hold in extremely high regard.  Connoisseur Genetics hold a few of these cuts which they use in their breeding programme to develop such awesome strains. 
This elite strain embellishes the taste and flavours of the Triangle Kush with the soaring power of Girl Scout Cookies.  Test grows, conducted by Connoisseur Genetics in a legal climate, show what a special strain they had created: After nine to ten weeks of flowering the plants were bulked up by large calyx structures liberally coated with frosty trichomes.  Kushy fragrances and flavours backed by sweet undertones from the Cookies were abundant. 
Triangle Kush Cookies is available for sale in packs of 5 feminized seeds.

Of course, Triangle Kush is just one of the many cannabis strains from Connoisseur Genetics on offer here at Pure Sativa.  We have regular and feminized seeds, all with the guaranteed Connoisseur quality, freshness and complexity.