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Banana OG & Ghost OG

Ken, the Real ORGNKID from the forums, is a legendary breeder responsible for bringing two infamous and omnipresent strains to market, the first is Banana OG, an OG Kush hybrid, whilst the latter is OG Kush, a select phenotype which later became known as Ghost OG as well as many other monikers. The Banana OG is an infamous heavy resin variety that has run into some astonishing candy Banana gas flavours in solventless hash form and still crossed into strains today. Another of his most notable contributions was the Ghost OG, one of the two genetics we'll explore today.

OrgnKid's Story & Bubba Kush

Another of ORGNKID's most important genetics he spread was the infamous Bubba Kush, he got access to this in the late 90s/ early 2000s and found it to be in such high demand that he was selling it for 7,200 a pound to try and be able to hold onto some of the flowers for longer. ORGNKID was growing in the San Fernando Valley, and he began giving out the cut to his friends who helped him start growing. He'd buy all of the flowers they grew, keeping the cut in the hands of his network and ensuring that he had a near-constant supply of Bubba Kush. At this point, he was paying his friends $5,000 for the Bubba Kush and then selling it for $7,200, and they were growing it across six different properties. 

Highest Prices on the Market

ORGNKID mentions that at this time, Josh D OG was selling his weed for $350-400 an ounce, equivalent to 5600-6400 a pound. Bubba Kush had come from Josh D OG initially, but it came indirectly through another source to ORGNKID along with the legendary OG cut that later became known as Ghost OG. ORGNKID paid 5,000 for the OG cut up front and had been asked to give five pounds back once the grow was completed, which at 8,000 a pound was worth 40,000. Once he'd paid them off, he began to make seeds out of it, considering how much he'd paid for it, which led to some hurt feelings. He was making feminized seeds, a relatively new phenomenon that the crew he bought the cut of likely hadn't thought about, leading to them airing their grievances with ORGNKID. 

First Seed Releases

ORGNKID then connected with a Eugene, Oregon-based local called Golden Eyes, who made a reversal solution out of gibberellic acid. She worked in an open room with him to produce feminized seed stock. He travelled from LA with his plants to Golden Eye, and she did the feminization process for the first batch of the now-defunct Cali Kush Seeds. The first seeds were called ogres, but they were supposed to be called OG'ers, these were some fire OG Kush S1s which were likely the first-ever OG Kush seeds sold online or anywhere in the world. 


OG Kush aka Ghost OG

ORGNKID mentions in his interview with Fletcher of Archive Seed Bank on ArchiveTV that a collective called 3 C's had put OG feminized seeds out before him, but they had shown high hermaphrodite tendencies. However, Fletcher's memory differed, with Orgnkid beating 3 C's to the punch. 3 C's was a collective of three individuals, including one called Ghost, who is integral to the story of ORGNKIDs' genetics. Orgnkid sold the OG to Ghost for half of the money upfront, and the rest of it paid when the cut landed, but unfortunately, after it arrived with Ghost, Orgnkid has yet to hear another word from him. However, further down the line, at a dispensary called RDC, he found that the dispensary had gotten some bud from Ghost, and they were calling it The Ghost and selling it out of the dispensary. RDC also got the cutting from Ghost, renamed The Ghost when it was in their stables to Diablo OG, and began selling it out of their clubs there. Several people got their OG Kush cuts from this dispensary which led to a whole host of further rebrands by the subsequent individuals who purchased them, leading to names such as XXX OG and SFV OG; meanwhile, ORGNKID continued to distribute clones online of Bubba Kush and OG Kush and one of the individuals he sold to end up selling his cuts onto Katsu, whose genetics Pure Sativa previously distributed. Katsu's genetic heritage was built on his access to Bubba Kush with a host of killer hybrids bred with the Bubba Kush that initially came from Orgnkid. 


It was also going to go out as Private Reserve OG. Still, a character known to many individuals, including Fletcher and ORGNKID, called John who was a moderator for Paradise Seeds forum and ended up working with ORGNKID briefly killed the real Private Reserve OG and renamed an NYCD x Bubba Kush hybrid as private reserve OG leading to further confusion. Interestingly it was this John character who further muddied the waters in regards to the overall OG Kush lineage, falsely stating the lineage to be 'an old-world paki, a Thai strain and ChemD and putting out the narrative that OG meant Ocean Grown. 


Chocolate Mint Bubba made waves around the east and came from an S1 form bred from ORGNKID's Bubba Kush Clone. During this time, there was also a strain going about called Purple Bubba; however, Purple Bubba was an S1 of a strain called Purple Rhino, which had been grown for a lot longer than ORGNKID had access to the Bubba Kush; however, it had a similar flavour to the original Bubba Kush but with a bit different sticky, resinous taste to it. The crosses of the Purple Rhino with the Bubba Kush had accidentally been mixed in with the bag of S1s of Bubba Kush, so OrgnKid gave out a mix of different genetics with those seeds. 


Fletcher got the Blackberry Bubba, which was the Purple Rhino crossed to the Bubba Kush and described it as being similar to Mendo Purp with a deep incense but also like Original Z, aka Zkittlez before it existed with an intense candy note to it and backend of kush. The Blackberry Bubba clone came to Archive Seeds via Diamond Collective, which ORGNKid selected. It hermied easily, and Archive didn't like it, but the flavour was incredible. It was so notoriously stinky that Archive Seedbank nicknamed it 'one block radius' as everyone within the block would smell it. Orgnkid called it a daytime smoke as it wasn't the most potent, knockout smoke, but it ticked the flavour and aroma boxes heavily. 


Archive Seedbank reflects that ORGNKID had bred the first Sour Kush hybrid that he was aware of; Sour Kush/ Sour OG is a hybrid style that fuses Sour Diesel and OG Kush, two pinnacles of Cannabis Genetics which countless elite breeders have bred together over the years. However, it is a domain in which breeders like Karma Genetics have made a name. ORGNKID crosses the NYCD with his OG Kush clone. A couple of different phenos were famous; one that resonated with Fletcher of Archive Seedbank was the OG Kush dominant one with an extra note of Hallietosis Kush funk, whilst the second one was more NYCD-dominant and had a bitter orange kind of profile, which he still holds seeds of today. However, he found that that specific cut didn't hybridize too well in comparison. 

Banana OG Lineage

Moving onto the Banana OG, ORGNKID states that he was browsing Seedbay one day before he saw an auction for an ounce of seeds for a couple of hundred dollars, which he decided to buy. When it arrived, the bag was labelled 60/40 from Sagamartha Seeds. However, they didn't crossbreed this; it was a whole host of different genetics from different people all over the globe. But for whatever reason, Tony from Sagamartha Seed found when breeding that these seeds didn't have what he was looking for, and he sold them off to various people, which resulted in the auction ORGNKID got them from. ORGNKID estimates he grew out of 250 seedsand he found 5 of them grew stinking of Banana; however, when he smoked them, none produced even the remotest high. So he found a male from the same seed stock with a banana aroma and bred that with his OG Kush clone. The resulting seeds from that hybrid were then hunted through until he found the clone he wanted to keep and named Banana OG. He then sold some of the original F1 seed stock to people, including Gypsy Nirvana. 


Orgnkids' friend Rudeboy believes he found the legendary Irene OG from a bag of seeds sold by Orgnkid or possibly another friend's seeds. Still, Fletcher, having grown out the Irene OG, the Bubba Kush, and the OG Kush Orgnkid, argued that the Irene OG always presents like some kind of Bubba Kush/ Og Kush hybrid.


How did the name Orgnkid come about? 


ORGNKID was living in LA at the time, and with Cannabis being illegal back then, he thought he should name himself somewhere different than where he lived; his mum was from Oregon, and he always liked being out in the outdoors there, and with the internet being entirely new then he figured it was safer to try brand himself further away than where he was living. 


*Most of this blog was written using content from the OrgnKid interview with Fletcher of Archive Seed Bank on their Archive TV YouTube channel.