Haze is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain which was derived from a cross of Mexican, Colombian, Thai and Indian landrace varieties.

Haze cannabis first emerged back in the swinging sixties when Californian breeders took advantage of the Golden State’s longer than average outdoor growing period to develop the strain.  Sativa cannabis takes longer to reach full maturity than Indica strains anyway, but the original Haze strain has been known to flower for up to 20 weeks – more than double the time of modern hybrids and indica-dominant strains.  Although Haze takes her sweet time before she bears fruit, this classic strain is not short of die-hard supporters; the soaring euphoric effects and rush of energy provided by Haze cannabis are a rare combination seldom found in other strains – this has made Haze extremely popular for creative types and those who enjoy cannabis, but not the couch-lock effects of deep Indica varieties.

Nowadays, most Haze cannabis strains seen in legal US dispensaries and Dutch coffee shops are hybrids – that is, strains featuring Haze genetics somewhere in the lineage but tempered with Indica genetics to bring down flowering times, improve plant manageability (Haze grows *very* tall) and generally refine the effects. 

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