The ALL NEW Alivi8 Vaporizer is here, we are the official UK Wholesaler and retailer of the alivi8 vap. This all new design uses only the finest medical grade stainless steel and is combined with space technology only ever seen inside NASA or on Satellites.

By using a specialised heat shield within the base of the pipe, the clever chaps at alivi8 have enabled you to use a flame to vaporizer your chosen herbs with absolutely no burning. This technology is used in space to stop satelites and the astronauts at the space station from over heating. This clever material is what makes this vaporizer aboslutley unique, only Alivi8 has access to this material. This fully portabel vaporiser is machined to the highest standards with the patent protect red-eye smoke path technology also present within the body of the hand held vaporizer.

The smokepath, often seen within red-eyes "normal" smoking pipes ensures that the vapor is cooled down with the body of the pipe, by finely machining the metal to 1mm tolerances the vapor is forced down the channels and as it travels down the smokepath the metal acts as a heatsink. Ensuring the user gets smooth, cool vapor that wont irritate your throat or lungs.

You can now alleviate yourself anywhere with this fully portable and brilliantly engineered vaporising device.