At PureSativa, we make it our business to sign up the world’s best cannabis seed companies on exclusive deals for us to distribute their seeds in the UK.  We have a portfolio of 28 such seedbanks which we are immensely proud of – each and every one of which offers something truly special for our customers to choose from.

Today, we officially welcome Crockett Family Farms to the Pure Sativa fold, as we launch eight new strains of top-drawer marijuana onto the site.

Crockett, the talented breeder behind this range, is undoubtedly best known for being The Tangie Man.  This is the guy that first presented Don and Aaron from DNA Genetics with the Tangie strain, which then went on to win, well…..basically every contest it entered.  Although there have been a couple of 2nd and 3rd places among the gold medals, Tangie is a champion in every sense – a true legendary strain that already has it’s place in history reserved alongside the other greats. 

We ran into Crockett at Spannabis in Barcelona just last week, where his creation clinched another 2nd place award.  We had a good chat about his new range of seeds – he’s very proud of them and very grateful for his chance to showcase his incredible creations. 

Predictably, Crockett’s Tangie seeds sold out at Spannabis in a matter of hours.  By the end of the show, all his stocks were decimated – such was the demand for these rare genetics.

The full range of Crockett Family Farms seeds includes eight strains – each with rare and elite genetics that connoisseurs are just going to love.

Fortunately, you lucky people can grab these collectable, souvenir cannabis seeds now, directly from PureSativa.  Own a little piece of breeding history for yourself with a packet of Crockett Family Farms cannabis seeds.