Top 15 Runtz Strains

Top 15 Runtz Strains!

Runtz, a strain whose infamy has far exceeded what anyone could have predicted, is reportedly a cross between Gelato and Zkittlez, with some sources initially attributing it to the Gelato 41 parentage whilst others point towards it being a Gelato 33 hybrid. Notably, one of the Runtz founders Ray Bama, recently spoke on the First Smoke of The Day podcast and suggested the lineage stemmed from the Gelato 33 but admitted that, ultimately, this is what the breeder informed them and that they couldn't say absolutely that those constitute the genetics. Whilst candy dominates the edibles market, it only truly began to dominate the cannabis cultivar market following the emergence of the Runtz strain in 2018. Runtz's spiritual home is in Los Angeles, where it first hit the streets and has since spawned several

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