Cold Creek Kush Cannabis Seeds by THSeeds of Amsterdam

TH Seeds have been creating and manufacturing cannabis seeds for what seems like an age! By producing only the finest Cannabis Seeds this Amsterdam seedbank has ensured that it has maintained a good following from collectors.

Their latest creation Cold Creek Kush won 2nd place at the 2010 Cannabis Cup in the Indica category. The strain is bred from a Chem 91, which is the mother to both the OG Kush and ht einfamous East Coast Sour Diesel plants which have really got a following on the west coast. TH Seeds took this mother and crossed it with their Kush to create the Cold Creek Kush. The quality you get from all TH Seeds is evident in these marijuana seeds. Established in 1993 THSeeds are one fo the oldest seed producing companies in Holland. Back then collectors would comment on the consistency and quality of the THSeeds genetics. Originallity has always been the key to THSeeds success, formt he launch of the "first" commerically available Bubblegum seeds, through numerous cannabis cup winners and still years later Cold Creek Kush placing number 2 in the INdica Cup this year. Through all this Adam the owner and driving force of THSeeds has been spread the word on Cannabis Genetics to every corner of the globe.

By using some tried and tested techniques the guys at THSeeds Seedbank can produce only the best and premium cannabis seeds winning numerous awards

1995 Cannabis Cup: Kal-X™ hash laminate takes 3rd place in the hash category
1996 Cannabis Cup: Bubblegum™ hash micro-chip takes 3rd place in the hash category
1996 HasH Bash: Bubblegum™ laminated hash takes 2nd place in the hash category.
1998 Cannabis Cup: S.A.G.E.™ takes 3rd highest THC level with 21% THC. This THC test included all 50 varieties entered including seed companies and coffeeshops giving The S.A.G.E. a higher THC level then any of the Cannabis Cup winners.
1999 Cannabis Cup: S.A.G.E.™ takes 3rd highest THC from all the varieties entered.
1999 Cannabis Cup: S.A.G.E.™ water hash takes 2nd place i

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