Khalifa Kush,  Smoking Accessories & Strain

Khalifa Kush is a smoking accessories & lifestyle brand which is the resulting brainchild of rapper and Cannabis industry mogul; Wiz Khalifa, the renowned rapper and songwriter whose grounded dedication to the cannabis plant has enabled him to enjoy a profound connection & his name has become synonymous with high-end Cannabis and an unrelenting commitment to the lifestyle as well as conjuring up catchy samples from his illustrious career that is studded with countless hits.


Khalifa Kush Brand

Khalifa Kush, often abbreviated as KK, is rapper & cannabis culture icon, Wiz Khalifa's brand of vaping/ smoking-centric products. This venture is more than just a business for him; it's a reflection of his lifestyle and his endorsement of cannabis culture, with his favourite style of Cannabis genetics, the OG Kush form, being the staple strain the brand's namesake name relates to. The brand has gained significant popularity recently, especially among those who follow Khalifa's music and lifestyle.


Khalifa Kush Strain


The Khalifa Kush brand began in early 2010 by introducing the Khalifa Kush strain, a cultivar tailored precisely to his tastes. Berner announced in a Hot 97 interview in 2018 that the Khalifa Kush is their specific cut of South Florida OG that they used to breed Biscotti by hitting the South Florida OG with the Gelato #25 cut. It is also the same OG they used in their Girl Scout Cookies creation which is where the brand Cookies got its name from; with the South Florida OG packing THC levels of up to 29%, it's a powerhouse OG that was a no-brainer selection for Wiz. Wiz Khalifa has long been reported as enjoying consuming OG Kush throughout the day, so his namesake strain being a faithful OG Kush is a logical choice. 


Khalifa Kush was initially kept in Wiz Khalifa's private stash in LA, California, for his private reserve held in the stash for him and his family and friends. After several years of keeping her close to his heart (and lungs) at all times, in 2014, he decided to reveal the Khalifa Kush strain to the world with the launch of the Khalifa Kush brand. For the man who consumes a pound of Cannabis in a single week, that is over 2 ounces a day or 56 grams+, it's clear a Cannabis brand is a necessity, but if you're a true connoisseur like Wiz, you'll want to ensure it isn't just any old Cannabis that is produced but, your favourite strain grown to an elite, high-end standard. 


The Khalifa Kush strain is specially tailored for Wiz Khalifa, boasting a unique aroma and effect. It is for its strong potency and is typically described as having a lemony, piney flavour with relaxing effects. The strain is not just a commercial product but also a representation of Khalifa's taste and preferences in Cannabis. By his taste & preferences, this means Khalifa wanted a strain with the sedating power of OG Kush as it leads to feelings of deep relaxation without racing uncomfortable thoughts. The Khalifa Kush variety is a particularly unique OG Kush variety as it provides the user with a bit more energy alongside the healthy dose of euphoric citrus notes from the limonene terpene that features heavily in the profile, which keeps the sedating effects from being too heavy, whilst also ensuring you feel both refreshed and grounded. 


The Khalifa Kush team stays ten toes down, with their daily craft dedicated to enhancing, developing, and maintaining their craft between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, working daily to bring Khalifa Kush products to market across the US and the rest of the world. Khalifa Kush is centred on their desire to maximize authenticity, consistency and quality first, no sacrifices approach. So whether you're looking to smoke some of the finest Khalifa branded OG Kush, enjoy some Khalifa Kush concentrates or explore the world of Khalifa Kush accessories such as Santa Cruz Shredder rolling tray collabs or our Dr Dabber XS x Khalifa Kush e-rig whenever you see the Khalifa Kush branding you'll know the product in your hand is Wiz Khalifa certified.  


Collaborations in the Cannabis Industry

Wiz Khalifa's & Khalifa Kush's involvement in the cannabis industry goes beyond his brand and stretches into other accessories and products through the likes of industry giants; Dr. Dabber & Santa Cruz Shredder. 


Khalifa Kush has collaborated with various companies and figures within the industry to promote and develop new products and strains. These collaborations not only broaden the Khalifa Kush brands' reach but also reinforce s Wiz Khalifas his status as a prominent figure in the industry & the surrounding culture.

Khalifa's journey with Cannabis is intertwined with his music and personal brand. His embrace of cannabis culture has made him a notable figure in the industry and a voice for the benefits and joys of cannabis use.


He has joined forces with top-tier cannabis companies to launch his line of cannabis products, prominently featuring Khalifa Kush. These collaborations ensure that cannabis enthusiasts around the world can experience the magic of Khalifa Kush firsthand, through their innovative products.


Dr Dabber XS Khalifa Kush


Khalifa Kush's initial foray into the world of dabs comes with their retail offerings of extracts in the legal markets of the United States of America; accompanying these lofty products is the Dr Dabber XS Khalifa Kush Collaboration, which makes the world of extracts far less daunting. Dr. Dabber is a company known for its high-quality vaporizers and dabbing tools, which are popular in the cannabis community for their efficient and flavorful vapour production.


The XS is their smallest E-Rig, but it packs substantial power and flavour into such a small device! With its quartz chamber and silicone-free air pathway, the taste is untainted and unparalleled, with powerful hits that help ensure you get the most from your extract. The device embodies the Wiz Khalifa Black & Yellow hit single as the device is black when cold out of the box black initially but transforms into a vibrant yellow when it warms up, as it does whenever you consume your extracts. This results from the innovative thermochromatic technology employed in this unique E-Rig, which pays homage to Khalifa's number one single, Black & Yellow, and to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the American football team of his hometown, after which the single was named. 


The Khalifa Kush XS is immense and goes far behind an appealing aesthetic; it produces unparalleled flavour and smoothness in heavy vapour production; the XS flawlessly handles the most nuance-filled concentrates, whether CBD rosin or CBD wax. Thanks to the precision temperature control and cutting-edge technology, the Dr Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS™ elevates your dabbing experience to new satisfaction levels.


Santa Cruz Shredder Khalifa Kush

Santa Cruz Shredder is a company known for producing high-quality smoking accessories, such as ultra-durable herb grinders that offer a consistent and efficient grind and ergonomically designed rolling trays that are expertly crafted and optimally sized. Santa Cruz Shredder's personal-sized rolling tray has been granted a vibrant facelift in the form of a striking graphic image with Wiz Khalifa smoking some contrasting green leaves that stem from his favourite plant. 

The Khalifa Kush Santa Cruz Shredder tray features an ergonomic design including a pour-spout that helps you quickly clear up residual smoking material once you finish rolling your smoke. 

Relationship with Berner and the Birth of Khalifa Kush

Wiz Khalifa's collaboration with Berner, a fellow rapper and cannabis entrepreneur, was a pivotal moment in the creation of the Khalifa Kush strain. Berner, known for his role in popularising the Girl Scout Cookies strain, brought his extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry to their partnership. Their shared passion for Cannabis led to the careful cultivation of the Khalifa Kush strain, explicitly tailored to Khalifa’s preferences. This partnership resulted in a unique product and cemented both artists' status as influential figures in the cannabis culture.


Wiz Khalifa's background of Cannabis in Pittsburgh

Khalifa's journey with Cannabis began long before it became a legal and regulated industry. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Khalifa started using Cannabis at a time when it was illegal at the state level. This early exposure to Cannabis, coupled with the challenges and risks associated with its use under prohibition, played a significant role in shaping his perspectives and advocacy for cannabis legalization. His experiences in Pittsburgh, where cannabis use was a part of the underground culture, also influenced his music, infusing it with authenticity and resonance with fans who shared similar experiences.


Wiz Khalifa's storied history with cannabis stems back to his formative years in the music industry as a teenager. He has never shied away from discussing or showcasing his usage, making it a part of his public persona. This transparency has made him a significant figure in the cannabis culture, resonating with many fans and enthusiasts.


Wiz Khalifa's move to California marked a significant shift in his relationship with Cannabis. California, known for its more progressive stance on Cannabis, offered a conducive environment for Khalifa to embrace and promote cannabis culture openly. The state's legal framework allowed him to explore Cannabis more freely and eventually venture into the business side of the industry. California's diverse cannabis scene also exposed Khalifa to a broader range of strains and products, further deepening his appreciation and knowledge of Cannabis.


Wiz Khalifa's Favourite Cannabis Strains

While Khalifa Kush (KK) remains Wiz Khalifa's signature strain, his affection for Cannabis extends to a variety of other strains. Khalifa has often expressed his fondness for classic strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel, due to their potent, relaxing and stimulating effects as well as their potent effects and distinctive flavours. OG Kush, with its earthy and piney notes, offers a balanced high that Khalifa has often praised. On the other hand, Sour Diesel is known for its energizing and cerebral effects, which aligns with Khalifa's creative processes.


Impact of Cannabis on Khalifa's Music and Lifestyle

Cannabis has been more than just a pastime for Wiz Khalifa; it has significantly influenced his music and lifestyle. His lyrics often include references to Cannabis, and his public persona is heavily associated with its use. Khalifa views Cannabis as a source of inspiration, aiding his creative process and helping him connect with his music on a more profound level. Additionally, his advocacy for Cannabis has made him a prominent figure in pushing for its normalization and legalization.'

Wiz Khalifa's status as a celebrity and influential figure has been instrumental in advocating for cannabis legalization and normalization. Through his music, interviews, and public appearances, Khalifa has consistently highlighted the benefits of Cannabis and the need for legal reform. His openness about cannabis use and his business ventures in the industry have contributed to changing perceptions and promoting a more open dialogue about Cannabis in society.


Wiz Khalifa's relationship with Cannabis has led to the existence of the Khalifa Kush Brand, firstly through the release of the Khalifa Kush strain and in later times, the ancillary products such as dabs, pre-rolls and in more recent times, vapes such as the Dr Dabber Khalifa Kush XS & rolling trays such as with Santa Cruz Shredder. As the Khalifa Kush brand continues to grow alongside Wiz's deep love and affection for Cannabis, the range of Khalifa Kush branded products will also continue to expand and develop to bring the very best smoking experience to his fans. 

His journey reflects his personal preferences and his role as an advocate and influencer in the cannabis industry. His music, lifestyle, and business ventures all highlight his commitment to and passion for Cannabis, making him a key figure in the ongoing conversation about cannabis culture and legalization, as well as offering elite products.