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Holy Smoke Seeds is one of the largest breeders on the UK scene; he dedicated many of his earliest days in the Cannabis industry working in the South of London, which quickly cemented his position in the landscape whilst increasing his knowledge and understanding. In this clandestine environment, he made his name through his work in multiple personnel and commercial-grade operations with the know-how to troubleshoot and guide production. Across his 20+ year tenure, he's picked up elite knowledge of breeding and cultivation. 


Across these early days, many would encounter fateful convictions that were part and parcel of operating in this industry. As a result, Holy Smoke Seeds decided to bring his knowledge and passion to the legal side out of the grey area with the Holy Smoke Seeds brand. He established the company in 2005 when there were few advertising options in the UK market. Despite these limitations, his first five strains travelled exceptionally far and wide and were able to flourish in countless gardens across the globe. His first five strains travelled exceptionally far and wide, many of which included South African genetics close to the breeder's heart. 


His Strawberry Diesel line is still excelling in many gardens today, and its 'high-ly' is celebrated, having won the 'Wake n Bake' awards from 'Medical Jane'. The Kong and Kong hybrids are also hugely celebrated as the actual Kong strain was recognized as the first-place Indica category winner in Denver, Colorado, at the esteemed 'High Times Cannabis Cup' which is a phenomenal triumph considering the sheer number of entries these days, and winning in Colorado at the epicentre/ mecca of the modern cannabis market, well it doesn't get much more commendable than that. 



Strawberry Diesel 

The Strawberry Diesel strain by Holy Smoke Seeds is a hybrid cross of NYC Diesel as the pollen receptor and the Strawberry Cough pollinator! Holy Smoke Seeds offers it in feminized seed form in a pack of 6 seeds that they attribute to having a balanced 50% Sativa / 50% Indica morphology. 


Strawberry Diesel has long been renowned as an extreme producer, with an incredible terp profile that exhibits a fantastic berry profile with hints of fresh tangerine. The NYCD, aka NYC Diesel, lends powerful effects to produce a lush flavour and potent stone. The Strawberry Diesel is a relatively fast finisher and completes its flowering stages within 8-9 weeks. 



Holy Smoke says Kong is a distinctive hybrid that is a deeply hairy and sweaty strain that will remind consumers of the King Kong strain. She expresses a potent high of mammoth proportions; she's so powerful and significant that one could say her characteristics are pre-historic! This deep indica hybrid has vast bracts and a potent THC profile that leaves everyone seated. 


Everyone who knows about Kong has a distinctive appearance that can be seen through a knowing smile and glimmer in the eyes. She's such a potent hybrid that hours can pass without moving, and you won't be any the wiser. The Kong has that classic Christmas tree style and shapes with monster calyxes with fat, gleaming trichomes. The CBD profile increases during later flower, which helps to balance the powerful effects; she's considered a 100% indica hybrid that is a cross of Motivation x White Russian in the form of a backcross. 

Pink Cadillac 

Pink Cadillac is another unique hybrid by Holy Smoke that has stood the test of time. It is a cross of a strawberry diesel cut selected by the breeder, which Reefermans' legendary Pink Kush has pollinated. The terp profile is heavy in the sugary, sweet aromas and has a powerful and impressive terpene profile! The aroma is heavy in the Candy perfume with incredible peaches and strawberries, excellent resin production, and racy, soaring highs. The effects perfectly reflect the elite genetic heritage. Consumers will be initially met with soaring euphoria and mild physical relaxation from this seriously potent and highly-yielding cultivar. 

Jungle Boys Pink Cadillac selection has been a staple cultivar in recent years at the Jungle Boys outlets across the United States; known for her savoury, funky old-school profile, but in a new body, the Pink Cadillac has made waves for a good reason. 


Despite these time-tested staples, his newer crosses have catapulted him to new heights and cemented his position. With countless media representations in the form of magazine articles, strain guides & a worldwide presence in farmers' gardens, all showcase his ability to stay at the sharp end. Thankfully, Holy Smoke Seeds has both old and new genetics thanks to his vast understanding of strains, which have served him so well that nothing slips past this breeder. 


Holy Smoke Seeds craft is maintained through incredible, stellar genetics that has been bred to ensure stability, as every strain produces higher vibrations; every hybrid is a marvel as he truly understands the need for balance with some of the soaring highs the plant can grow. He goes through many packs to find his keeper phenos and ensure optimal selections. They also only ever work with original drops by seeking the original creations of strains they wish to use. 


Thanks to his well-established place in the scene, he's gotten exclusive access to rare breeders' cuts of strains and original packs of seeds that are far out of reach for most cannabis consumers or seed makers in the market. 


Elite breeders are hardly a dime a dozen in the UK, which is why so few have stood the test of time in the ever-expanding, dynamic world of cannabis genetics. However, Holy Smoke Seeds have shown that they're one of the most significant contributors, producing serious fire with serious genetics that will impress all growers.  


Check out their latest range of RS11Capjunky hybrids here.


Holy Smoke Seeds is highly esteemed, to such an extent that he spent eight years judging for High Times, which enabled him to carve a niche in the Seed Bank Industry. All of his seeds have been hand-selected to ensure they are of the utmost quality, and their massive following from their underground days speaks volumes about the brand's authenticity and reputation.


RS11CapJunky line 


The RS11CapJunky reversed pollen donor consists of the legendary amped-up CapJunky bred by Capulator, which is Mac1 x Kush Mints, creating a heavy Mac1 dominant profile with extra resin production power & gas, which has been crossed with the RS11. RS11 is a cross of an Ozk F2, which Deep East called Pink Guava, and then crossed with the Sunset Sherbert to create the legendary RS11 hybrid. 


DnB is one of the stand-out hybrids from this line, crossing the Purple Flavinoid, named as her most potent notes are undoubtedly the classic dank grape/ purple flavour profile. The mixing with the new school Rainbow Sherb results in an intoxicating mix of candy-gas Z-tinged notes with some heavy grape hints and powerful gaseous notes.


Gold Teeth is a cross that pollinates a Gold Dropz mother with the same unique RS11Capjunky pollen donor as the Purple Flavinoid. The Gold Dropz pollen receiver is a seriously potent cultivar that pushes up to 30%THC and passes this robust power onto her progeny. She's a weighty, dense girl who produces massive calyxes that swell and turn her into a true heavyweight hybrid. True to her name, she has beautiful golden colourations as she matures. 


Banana Double Mac is another hybrid from this RS11CapJunky line, full of intense banana terps and gaseous notes that seriously blast your senses. The Banana dominant phenotype of the Banana Mac mother, aka pollen receiver, is heavy with ripe exotic banana notes and sherbert that makes her smell just like the old school banana sherbert dip candy. The Banana Double Mac has an insane resin coverage that provides power, bag appeal and extraction potential. Her effects are cosy and comfortable, much like a warm hug. 


Red Hot Junky extends this line further, again using the pollen donor of the RS11CapJunky, but this time crossing the Red Hot Cookies with it. Red Hot Cookies is known for its powerfully sweet, tangerine and fresh orange notes from the Tropicana Cookies and Tangie cross, doubling down on the Tangie lineage. Red Hot Junky itself has heavy gassy notes that mix perfectly with those of the candied orange hints. Her flavour is so strong that you might catch notes of her hours after you last consumed her. The Red Hot Junky expresses intense, gorgeous colourations in her later flowering period.


Yoda Junky is another new hybrid from this range of elite feminized seeds from the CapjunkyRS11 line, using the CapjunkyRS11 pollinator. Holy Smoke Seeds took the Platinum Yoda and pollinated her to create a new-school powerhouse indica dominant hybrid that will keep you both zoned out and centred. Yoda Junky is a seriously-tasty hybrid that tastes of gassy butterscotch caramel with a touch of fudge on the inhale. Yoda Junky is a night-time hybrid that helps in a therapeutic sense by maximizing the resting experience. 


Lastly is the II Gucci, a seriously resinous cross that expresses the glimmering sheen of VVS diamonds, ensuring that she glitters and stands out clearly. A cross of Tom Ford as the pollen receiver has a heavy Animal Mints profile with sweet, sour, and gasoline notes. Her effects will wash you through the stages of her impact, providing mesmerizing, lasting & absolute effects.