Wholesale Brands

AlienLabs is an artisan cannabis company from the USA. Founded in Northern California by an ambitious team of expert breeders, AlienLabs specialise in supplying elite quality cannabis flower and extracts for legally-operating marijuana dispensaries in California.

DNA Genetics, Founded in Amsterdam in 2004 and arguably the most prolific cannabis seed company in the world. Appreciation for the work of DNA has been universal and overwhelming.DNA Genetics has won over 180 different industry awards so fFor quality, stability, reliability and consistency.

G Pen are a specialist vaporizer company from the USA known for their affordable portable vaporizers and vaping accessories. With over a decade of experience making top quality vapes, G Pen are constantly innovating and improving their vaporizers.

PureSativa are thrilled to be able to showcase this stunning range of glass smoking pipes, bongs, bubblers and dab rigs which bear the iconic artwork of the late Keith Haring.Keith Haring was an American artist famous for his pop art style artwork.

Kush CBD Vape are an emerging US maker of high quality disposable vaporizer pens pre-filled with a cannabidiol (CBD) infused vape liquid for calming, therapeutic effects.The current Kush CBD Vape range features 500ml vaporizer pens in a range of flavours.

With over 25 years experience, Kenex is a brand that has become synonymous with cutting edge technology, high grade materials, and razor sharp precision; inspiring confidence in the quality of our products. Kenex Digital Sca;es are strong and are built to last.

NutraBlast professional odour eliminator is a range of high-powered air fresheners designed to quickly get rid of unpleasant odour associated with damp, cooking or stale smoke. Available in a choice of four amazing fragrances eliminates nasty smells.

Puffco vaporizers are widely regarded as the finest vaping products available for wax and essential oils. Puffco were founded in 2013 and have been constantly innovating ever since. Their product range has raising the industry standards and exceeding the expectations.

Re:Stash Child-Resistant Mason Storage Jars are an awesome new storage solution for dry herbs, pungent organic material or other personal belongings that you’d like to keep away from prying eyes and curious, little hands.

Runtz is an elite strain of cannabis derived from a cross of Zkittlez x Gelato #33. The strain was born and bred in Los Angeles, California by the infamous Cookies fam in association with Berner and has become one of the most sought-after strains of cannabis.

Serious Seeds – Cannabis Seeds are one of the most highly decorated cannabis seed banks in the industry to-date, with their pioneering strains such at the infamous 4K-47, paving the way for the rest of us mere mortals to follow suite...

PureSativa are thrilled to be able to showcase this stunning range of Qnubu Presses and Accessories, Qnubu is purpose built to give you professional standard results from your essential oil extractions.

Highly efficient, natural based, air particle purifier, these units are very effective in removing malodors from a wide range of environments. The Neutralizer contains an extremely complex mixture of essential oils.

The Smokers Club have now landed at PureSativa with new ranges of Hoodies, T-shirts and Merchandise including Rolling Trays & Jars. With the freshest styles and designs Smokers Club clothing is this years must have.

TerpHogZ GeneticZ otherwise known as ZkittleZ or previously as Plantinum seeds are some of the most sort after cannabis seeds on the market, it’s seems as though you can’t ready anything lately without coming across this seedbank.

Vibes rolling papers, cones and paraphernalia is the brainchild of influential US rapper Berner. The Taylor Gang artist first brought us the ever-popular Cookies lines of clothing and smoking accessories which took the community by storm.