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DNA Genetics, Founded in Amsterdam in 2004 and arguably the most prolific cannabis seed company in the world. Appreciation for the work of DNA has been universal and overwhelming.DNA Genetics has won over 180 different industry awards so fFor quality, stability, reliability and consistency, DNA are the undisputed masters of their trade. All you have to do now, is choose which of their incredible seeds to buy first.

Welcome to DNA Genetics - Home of Cannabis Cup Winning Varieties

DNA only select and breed the highest quality cannabis seeds to ensure the very best quality from every pack of DNA Genetics

Crockett Family Farms Wholesale

Crockett Family Farms

DNA Genetics Wholesale

DNA Genetics

Reserva Privada Wholesale

Reserva Privada

DNA Genetics GYO Collection Wholesale

DNA Genetics GYO Collection

DNA Genetics Cannabis Seeds Wholesale

PureSativa are proud to be the official EU and UK wholesale distributor for DNA Genetics Cannabis Seeds. Retailers that are interested in stocking Terphogz Geneticz Cannabis Seeds can sign up for a free PureSativa wholesale account by following the link below and completing the registration form. Alternatively, just give us a call and our customer service team will guide you through registration and get you up and running.

Flagship Products

L.A. Confidential Female Cannabis Seeds Wholesale

L.A. Confidential Female Cannabis Seeds

DNA Genetics
Cannalope Haze Regular Cannabis Seeds by DNA Genetics Wholesale

Cannalope Haze Regular Cannabis Seeds by DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics
Terphogz Geneticz - ZkittleZ Merchandise Wholesale

L.A. Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) Female Cannabis Seeds by DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics