Highly efficient, natural based, air particle purifier, these units are very effective in removing malodors from a wide range of environments. The Neutralizer contains an extremely complex mixture of essential oils that consists of hundreds of different components. It's perfect formula ensures that The Neutralizer is a natural solution for the treatment of odours.

The Neutralizer Wholesale

PureSativa are proud to be the official EU and UK wholesale distributor for The Neutralizer range of odour eliminating products. Retailers interested in stocking The Neutralizer range can sign up for a free PureSativa wholesale account by following the link below and completing the registration form. Alternatively, just give us a call and our customer service team will guide you through registration and get you up and running.

Flagship Products

The Neutralizer - Pro Kit - Eliminate Unwanted Odours
Puffco Plus Wholesale
The Neutralizer - Compact Kit - Eliminate Unwanted Odours
The Neutralizer - Car Road Kit - Eliminate Unwanted Odours