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Tasty Puff


Just a few drops of Tasty Puff makes anything a pure smoking delight. It's easy to use and FDA approved. Tasty Puff ensures you never get bored of your smoke again. You can swap out in a few drops and be smoking something completely different.

Cousin Puffs is the new environmentally friendly Air Freshener. In an non aerosol pump action container the boffins at Cousin Puff have created an air freshening formulation that works on the molecular level to capture and disperse smells and leave your room brilliant fragranced and refreshed.

Cousin Puffs should not be added to anything to flavour it, like tobacco. Cousin Puffs is not for making anything taste better, for that you can use Tasty Puff tobacco flavoring which will enable you to flavour  your herbs or tobacco. Tasty Puff have revolutionised the way people are smoking their favourite herbs, cousin puffs is sure to be a sure fire hit on the home fragrance market.