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iDab Glass

iDab glass is based out of SoCal, California and is dedicated to its quality production of German Schott Boro Glass rigs and accessories for all your dabbing desires.

We have different sizes instock and various finishes and colours available including clear and coloured worked tubes and bottles (Hennessy style bottle rig), a whole host of carb caps, pokers and dabbing accessories.

We also have some pieces that are Dichroic glass which will displays two different colors by undergoing a color change in certain lighting conditions, these really sparkle and glisten.

PureSativa - Official UK Smoking Accessories Wholesale Distributor for iDab Glass.

Accessories iDab Glass

Clear iDab Glass

Colour and Worked Bottle Stems by iDab Glass

Colour and Worked iDab Glass

idab Bullet Tubes

iDab Peak Glass Attachments