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Amsterdam Glassworx

Master glass-blower, Chris Rawkins, has over 15 years experience creating beautiful hand-blown glass smoking apparatus. 

Back in 2003, Chris was studying his art at the Cannabis College in Amsterdam.  His creations, under the umbrella of Shiva Glass, won the Cannabis Cup for glass that year – an impressive feat for one who was still learning his trade, perhaps indicative of the rare talents that Chris possesses.

In the subsequent ten years, Chris has been refining and perfecting his skills, experimenting with different styles and techniques and has developed into the revered Master Lampworker he is today.

Chris launched his own company, Amsterdam Glassworx, early in 2014 and has received universal praise for the quality and beauty of his work.

The Amsterdam Glassworx collection comprises a range of stunning glass bubblers, Sherlock pipes, chillums, spoon pipes and stash jars.  Distinctive because it looks like nothing else, Amsterdam Glassworx pieces are a fusion of conventional lampworking techniques, intelligent design and beautiful contemporary styling.

Amsterdam Glassworx exclusively use Schott-Duran borosilicate glass to make these wonderful artisan pieces, making them superbly heat resistant, stress-free and incredibly durable.  Each piece that leaves Chris’s workshop goes through rigorous quality checks and a 24 hour annealing process which toughens the glass yet further.  Make no mistake, an Amsterdam Glassworx piece is built to stand the test of time and retain its timeless beauty, giving the owner a lifetime of smoking pleasure.