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SneakGuard - Safe Responsible Lockable Storage (Vacuum System) 1.5L

SneakGuard - Safe Responsible Lockable Storage (Vacuum System) 1.5L

SneakGuard’s™ proprietary keep-fresh vacuum system eliminates unwanted odors by pumping air out and locking freshness in. The ergonomic design is simple and intuitive to use. Its portable size and sturdy locking mechanism provides peace-of-mind that your contents are secured. The Opaque stainless steel surface keeps your contents hidden from Snooping eyes. Food-safe FDA compliant materials including the inner container and stainless steel wrap provide a safe double insulated storage environment. From dry storage to the refrigerator, SneakGuardTM has you covered.

How Sneakguard the Company Started

SneakGuard’s founder and inventor, Graeme Gordon, discovered how easily his daughter was able to open a child resistant bottle of pain killers, which at the right dose can be lethal. Luckily she was not poisoned.

Graeme began to search for secure storage options but soon realized a solution simply did not exist.  While researching the subject of unintended ingestion it became obvious that this is a deadly serious issue in need of a solution. Excited about the challenge to invent something that has never been done and save lives, he left the career as a corporate executive in search of a solution.

Make a Difference

SneakGuard is a responsible storage company with a passion to protect, save and enhance everyday quality of life. We understand how difficult it has become to protect children and teens from unintended ingestion so we created the SneakGuard.


Product Features

Product Details

  • Built-in-vacuum system
  • Dual stay fresh airtight seals
  • Ergonomic design
  • Secure resettable combination lock
  • Organizer/divider
  • Humidity control ready
  • Refrigerator safe
  • Food safe
  • BPA free
  • Private/ Opaque
  • Stainless Steel Wrap

Product Specs

  • 6.5” tall
  • 6” diameter
  • Capacity: 1.5L


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GBP Price

SGS-001SneakGuard - Safe Responsible Lockable Storage (Vacuum System) 1.5L1 Unit98.00

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