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Ital Hemp Wick

Ital Hemp Wick

Ital Hemp Wick

Made from raw hemp twine and 100% highly refined beeswax, Ital Hemp Wicks are the eco-friendly, natural way to light pipes, bongs and cigarettes.

Cigarette lighters and torches can cause trace amounts of butane, sulphur and other chemical nasties to contaminate the flavours of your tobacco or herbs.  

With an Ital Hemp Wick you will taste no chemicals, there is no flint dust or metallic particles and of course, as you'll not be using up butane lighters, you'll be doing your bit for the environment by creating less landfill.

Try an Ital Hemp Wick today and experience the ultimate pure, clean smoking experience for yourself.

Ital Hemp Wicks are available in a range of sizes and lengths - please see below to select your preferred wick.

Photo Gallery

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GBP Price

ITAL-001Small I-TAL Hemp wicks - 50pcs per box50 Small Wicks26.00
ITAL-002Large I-TAL Hemp wicks - 16pcs per box16 Large Wicks28.00
ITAL-003I-TAL Lighter Sleeve Hemp Wick - 24pcs per box24 Lighter Sleeve Wicks62.00
ITAL-004I-Tal Hemp Wick Kingsize 100ft Spool - 6pcs per box6 Kingsize Wicks35.00
ITAL-005I-Tal Hemp Wick Supreme 250ft Spool - 6pcs per box6 Supreme Wicks68.00

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