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Eclipse Vaporizer H2O

Eclipse Vaporizer H2O

The Eclipse H2O is the perfect vaporizer for the bong smoker determined to give up inhaling all those nasty carcinogens in smoke. Fitting on any ground joint 14.5 or 18.8  the Essential Vap H20 is perfect for those looking to make the transition to vaporizing. It also allows for a cooling of the vapour through your glass pipe.

The Essential Vap H2O comes complete with 2 different adapters to enable you to use it with any bong, not only that the carry case also holds 2 glass phials which are perfect for loading with essential oils or plant extracts. They simply screw into the Essential Vaporizer H2O's body and then you apply heat to the phials to release the essential oils and vaporise.

By making the glass phials interchangeable it is easy to try different strains and flavours by simply removing one phial and inserting the other. Extra phials are available.

As if that was not all you can also use the Essential H2O Vaporizer without a pipe by simply inserting the whip adapter that is supplied. You again get a choiceof 2 styles of whip adapter which should fit most silicon tubing (which is not supplied) then you use as you would any other manual vaporizer, but this is truly pocket sized and also comes in its own cusotm fitted case.

You really do struggle to come up with a reason not to like this lovely little vaporizer, its well made, its small and it is very efficient. Highly recommended for everyone to enjoy.

Product Features

  • glass on glass vaporizer
  • complete with 2 glass phials
  • capable of being used without a bong
  • custom made carry case
  • handy size
  • operates using a lighter or other heat source
  • simple and easy operation

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GBP Price

EV102-EGGPLANTEssential Egg Plant Glass on Glass Eclipse Vape 285.00
EV102-REDEssential Red Glass on Glass Eclipse Vape 285.00