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420 Wipes

420 Wipes

Use 420 Wipes to easily sterilize the mouthpiece of your favourite pipe or vaporizer. Let’s face it, being a social smoker who likes to share carries certain risks. You love your friends, but not their germs. Be clean, be safe, use a 420 Wipe.

Every box of 420 Wipes includes 100 sterilizing alcohol wipes that are safe to use on glass and plastic. Each 420 Wipe is in an individual foil-lined packet that ensures long shelf-life.

Product Features

  • Sterlizing Alcohol Wipes
  • Hypoallergenic Medical Grade
  • 100 Per Box
  • Dries Instantly
  • Safely share your bong or pipe

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420-WIPES420 Wipes - Box of 100 Sterlizing Alcohol Wipes7.00Out of Stock

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