Hemp Dark Chocolate Canalade 100g

  • 100% organic Chocolate 
  • Hemp Nibbles
  • Milk chocolate and Dark chocolate

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Hemp Dark Chocolate Canalade 100g - Certified Organic

By gently roasting organic hemp seeds then wrapping them in organic white, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, Hanf-Natur's has created the perfect nutritious snack, fully certified organic. The roasting of the edible hemp seeds produces a subtle yet intense flavour that really compliments the organic chocolate.

We all know that Hanf Natur's Organic Hemp is rich in vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids,these Chocolate Hemp Nibbles are a delicious method of getting the goodness of hemp on a daily basis. All the ingredients are completely organic and resuylt in a premium product. For purely Organic Hemp Food choose Hanf Natur.

Brand Hanf Natur
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