Mother Terps Bubble Bags 8 Bag Kit 5 Gallon

Brand Mother Terps
Available Kits  8 Bag Kit
Size 5 Gallon 
Eight Bag Kits 220u, 190u, 160u, 120u, 90u, 73u, 45u, 25u
All Kits Contain Carry Pouch & 25u pressing screen

In stock

Mother Terps bubble bag kit are essential tools used in herbal extractions. The Mother Terps Ice-o-later bag design is optimal for collecting a highly concentrated form of herbal extracts. These bags help separate the resin glands, AKA trichomes, from the plant material. The bags are popularly used in ice water extraction, as a solventless extraction tool which relies on cold temperatures and agitation to break off the trichomes from the plant matter and filter them through the various micron-sized screens in the bags for later collection.

The Mother Terps Bubble Bags 8 Bag kit comes in full mesh for optimum and easy collection. It also features a 25u pressing screen & a slick carry pouch. The Full bag kit is optimum-sized for many production instances being a 5-gallon set. 


What is a Micron?

A micron is a tiny measurement, defined as a micrometre, a unit of measurement equal to one-millionth of a meter (1 µm = 0.000001 meters). Microns are used to measure the size of particles and openings in mesh or screen materials. In the context of bubble bags, the micron number refers to the size of the holes contained in the mesh, which determines which particles can pass through. A smaller micron number indicates a finer mesh, which allows smaller particles to pass through while trapping larger ones.

Micron Sizes and Their Uses

25 Micron Bag:

    • Purpose: This is the finest mesh size used to collect the smallest trichomes; this grade is often not viewed as premium and is used for secondary purposes. The output of the 25u is often viewed as the food grade/ lowest quality grade of material.
    • Output: Produces a small trichome gland product with minimal plant material.
    • Placement: Typically used as the final bag in the filtration process.


45 Micron Bag:

    • Purpose: It filters slightly larger trichomes than the 25-micron bag, capturing more ripe resin than the 25-micron. However, this is often still viewed as a lower-quality product. It is typically the larger-yielding secondary grade.
    • Output: Produces a very pure product.
    • Placement: Used before/ above the 25-micron bag to refine the collection process.


73 Micron Bag:

    • Purpose: Known for capturing a good balance of quality and yield, this is one of the most sought-after ranges and is, as such, extremely popular. It is viewed as a prime-quality collection bag.
    • Output: Produces a medium-fine product with slightly larger glands that packs a heavier potency and a even better yield.
    • Placement: Commonly used after the 45-micron bag.


90 Micron Bag:

  •         Purpose: Filters slightly larger particles than the 73-micron bag, often considered the creme de la creme. Indeed, incredible quality can be found in this collection bag.
    • Output: Produces a high-quality product with a good balance of purity and yield.
    • Placement: Used after the 73-micron bag for an extra filtration step.
  1. 120 Micron Bag:
    • Purpose: Captures medium-sized trichomes, balancing quality and quantity, some producers view this as the optimum size, it is definitely great quality resin that is found here.
    • Output: Produces a coarser product but still retains significant potency.
    • Placement: Often used before the finer micron bags to remove larger trichomes.

  2. 160 Micron Bag:
    • Purpose: Filters larger trichomes and some plant material, helping to clean the final product. This bag is often viewed as food grade material bag is definitely of lower quality.
    • Output: Produces a product with a mix of trichomes and some plant material.
    • Placement: Typically used before the 120-micron bag.


  1. 190 Micron Bag:
    • Purpose: Primarily used to capture larger plant debris and trichomes. This bag is the clean-up bag and usually catches a lot of contaminants.
    • Output: Results in a rougher end product with more plant material.
    • Placement: Used before the 160-micron bag to remove larger particles.

  2. 220 Micron Bag:
    • Purpose: This is the coarsest mesh size, often called the work bag which is designed to catch the largest particles and plant material, heavy contaminants in there.
    • Output: Captures the bulk of plant debris, ensuring cleaner material passes to the finer bags.
    • Placement: The 220 bags is normally used as the first bag to filter out the most significant contaminants.
More Information
Brand Mother Terps Bubble Bags
Material Nylon
Bag Size 5 Gallon
Bag Depth 8 Bag's
Mesh Size 25u, 45u, 73u, 90u, 120u, 160u, 190u, 220u
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