Nightwatch Pom Pom Beanie (W17) by Hoodlamb


  • Double knit hemp/organic cotton yarn
  • Metal label
  • Black Satifur Pom Pom


  • 50% Hemp, 42% organic cotton, 8% lycra
  • 20% Hemp, 35% recycled PET, 45% acrylic Satifur pom pom

HoodLamb hemp is organically grown and sourced directly from farms where it is hand sowed and harvested, thereby creating some of the best hemp fiber in the world. After harvest, the raw fiber is spun into the fine, strong hemp thread that is used to weave our custom, sustainable fabrics.

HoodLamb clothing and accessories are made from cruelty-free sources and are naturally free of harsh chemicals and toxins that can harm the skin. No animal products were used in the making of our collection.

Our cruelty-free Satifur lining is made using hemp, recycled plastic, and acrylic fibers. Hemp is naturally insulating and breathable, providing maximum warmth.

Naturally Organic
All source materials were grown without insecticides, herbicides, fungicides or other synthetic agricultural chemicals, and for this reason our products are allergen-free, breathable and very durable.

All of our fabric dyes are fiber reactive and GOTS Certified. We hand-select each dye to achieve the best possible color fastness while using less than 50% the water required for conventional dyes. 

One Percent For The Planet
As a member company HoodLamb contributes at least one percent of annual revenue to help create a more healthy planet.

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Soft washed knit beanie made with hemp and organic cotton featuring hemp Satifur cruelty-free fur pompom in black.

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