High CBD Strains By Paradise Seeds

paradise seeds new cbd rich female strain collection

What are the Paradise Seeds Female CBD Rich Seeds?


Paradise Seeds have blessed us with their unrivalled CBD high cannabis line. As pioneers of innovation, the Paradise artisans aimed to breed female CBD strains with rich terpene and flavonoid profiles, contrary to the majority available in the market. They achieved this through their in-house ‘Research and Development’ breeding programme, affirming their commitment to perfecting their elevated female CBD strains. 

CBD is becoming an increasingly researched compound found in the cannabis plant, a separate constituent to THC. THC gives you that ‘high’ feeling due to its psychoactive properties, CBD does not. Paradise Seed’s new line has a low THC content allowing individuals who don’t take pleasure in the high of cannabis but appreciate the calming effect to relish in the benefits of CBD. As scientific studies become readily available and people share their experiences with CBD, it is becoming favoured noticeably for medicinal use. Evidence progressively reveals CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, aiding pain relief and the potential to ease anxiety and depression. Recreational consumers also desire the relaxing sensation of CBD, which can also act as a healthy alternative to smoking tobacco. 

Paradise Seeds have strengthened their breeding programme to ensure their new line has a high CBD content refined for impressive genetic stability. Delving into Paradise Seed’s extensive and distinguished genetic archive, Paradise crossed their precious strains with dominant CBD strains. After their research, the genetic development process allowed the connoisseurs to magnify terpene and flavonoid profiles, resulting in outstanding bursts of taste and aroma. Their priority was to create CBD high genetics and monumental yields whilst intensifying the terpene and flavonoid percentages. Their successful new line of CBD rich strains consists of six varieties maintaining exceptional genetics. 

What is the CBDelight strain? 


paradise seeds CBDelight female strainCBDelight is a high CBD strain that elevates your sense of wellbeing, allowing you to radiate positive energy. Paradise Seeds have blessed us with the potent, rich aromas and flavours of lemon and skunk profiles through CBDelight. In addition, the hybrid strain facilitates a zen aura supported by the dominant Indica effects. 

Paradise Seeds created this line for individuals who highly value the deep relaxation from cannabis without the plant’s psychoactive properties. Such properties are excellent for medicinal users, significantly helped by the high CBD ratio of 15 -20%. Meanwhile, CBDelight contains 0.6% of THC, removing the sense of a ‘high’ whilst still uplifting your spirits. CBDelight is the ultimate strain for restoring and rejuvenating calmness, perfect for outings with friends and family or your weekend walk. 

What is the CBDream strain? 

paradise seeds high cbdream female strains

CBDream transcends you as if soft clouds embrace your body, comforting you into a meditative psyche. Furthermore, the high CBD strain is Indica dominant, helping you into the deepest relaxation. CBDream is the embodiment of perfection for recreational users when you want to switch off. 

The strain has the lowest THC content of 0.4% out of Paradise Seed’s archives and a high CBD content of 15%, sending you into a peaceful mood without any psychoactivity. As a result of its uplifting qualities, CBDream may help ease those who suffer from anxiety. In addition, the strain is an exceptional resource for enhancing the sedative effect of yoga, meditation and wellness practices. 

Paradise Seeds’ ‘Research and Development’ cultivation programme ensures that the lemon and earthy terpene profiles of the CBDream female strain is full-bodied. CBDream satisfies indoor legal growers’ desire as a consistently good performer with adequate management, giving potential for a high yield. Maximising the dominant flavours whilst having an extremely CBD rich content leaves legal recreational consumers elated. 

What is the CBDenergy strain? 

cbdream cbd high paradise seeds female strain

Similar to the collection of Paradise Seeds high CBD strains, CBDenergy needs no introduction. The name says it all. CBDenergy contains 15-20% of CBD and only 0.6% of THC, removing the head high usually created from THC dominant strains, which are responsible for the altered state of perception. However, the CBD high ratio combined with the Sativa dominant genetics makes CBDenergy incredibly beneficial and worthwhile for those wanting a CBD high strain that is energising. 

CBDenergy is the most suitable choice for those who want to consume CBD whilst socialising or indulging in a day of leisure and activities. Enjoying CBDenergy is a fantastic means to maximise your energy. In addition, consumers who prefer a therapeutic sensation will appreciate that you can consume the strain throughout the entire day. The nature of CBDenergy’s positive characteristics may help alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression, which tend to mentally and physically exhaust sufferers. CBDenergy is a strain worth highlighting for legal growers due to its remarkable stability. When cultivating CBDenergy, Paradise Seeds ensure that growers will be thrilled at the impressive yield and speedy flowering time. Moreover, the fragrant pinene terpene fused with the juicy sweetness from the pineapple leaves you salivating. 

What is the CBDivine strain?


cbdivine cbd high female cannabis strain paradise seeds The Paradise Seeds team developed CBDivine for medicinal consumers who suffer from physical pain. CBDivine is a CBD high strain with 15-20% of CBD and only 0.6% THC. The hybrid has pain-relieving attributes as an anti-inflammatory relieving those suffering from injuries or physical medical conditions such as arthritis or chronic pains. In addition, Sativa leaning strains are generally known for boosting energy due to their stimulating properties; therefore, CBDivine is ideal for daily consumption. CBDivine can therefore support individuals experiencing pain day until the night. 

Paradise Seeds have thoroughly tested CBDivine through their breeding programme, ensuring that its pain-relieving and medically relaxing properties are effective. During the experimenting period, it was integral that Paradise Seeds allowed the citrus flavours from the Limonene terpene profile to explode whilst appreciating CBDivine. Paradise saw it essential to create a range of flavourful CBD strains so their consumers can savour them just as much as THC high strains. 

What is the CBDrelax strain? 


cbdrelax cbd high female strain by paradise seedsCBDrelax has one of the least THC percentages at 0.4% and a high CBD percentage at 15%. CBDrelax is also a hybrid with a 50% Sativa and 50% Indica ratio, hence the greatest balanced sensation. CBDrelax encourages you to kick your feet up and have the ultimate unwind, allowing your body to experience some much-needed relaxation. The flavour terpenes are sour, cutting through a luscious sweet taste, compelling you to go back for more each time. 

The epic combination of genetics resulting in CBDrelax aids the consumer to free their minds into positive affirmations and recline, which many of us struggle to do naturally due to external stresses. Its soothing traits have proved CBDrelax a favourite amongst recreational and medicinal users. Furthermore, the relaxing aura that CBDrelax can provide would prove popular amongst those who practice mindfulness and related activities. The pillars of mindfulness include connecting with your senses, letting go of the past and future to engage with your present, meditation, and letting go of judging.  


What is the CBDrelief strain? 

cbdrelief high cbd strain by paradise seedsCBDrelief is an Indica dominant hybrid with a ratio of 0.6% and rich in CBD with 15-20% content. Paradise Seeds’ combination to create this strain rich in CBD and an Indica dominant hybrid was an intentional choice to support mental wellbeing and pain relief. As a result, CBDrelief has a great potential to ease anxiety and physical pains, giving power to the strain’s name for relief. In addition, Paradise Seeds seedbank tested relentlessly to perfect CBDrelief so that it doesn’t give you the high generally associated with THC, allowing CBD leaning consumers to benefit. 

Most countries require the THC content to be less than 1%, meaning the Paradise CBD high strains fit the criteria. Above all, the saturated CBD market negates flavourful terpene profiles. Paradise Seeds view taste, flavour, and smell as crucial aspects of any strain. Their ‘Research and Development’ programme allowed them to proudly deliver their consumers and legal growers CBD high strains with complex terpene profiles and stability. CBDrelief is flooded with citrus terps to zing and tingle your taste buds, dominated by orange and lemon. 

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