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Tasty Puff E-Juice

Tasty Puff have been making their ever-popular spray on tobacco flavourings since 2000, and now they have expanded their range to include this huge range of top quality flavoured e-liquids.

Made in the USA from FDA approved ingredients, Tasty Puff e-juice refills contain a mixture of 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and 50% Propylene Glycol (PG) for a perfect balance of throat hit, vapour production and flavour. Natural and artificial flavourings are added to create the vast array of flavours in the range.  Tasty Puff e liquids are available in three different nicotine strengths - 21mg, 10mg and 0mg nicotine free.  Only premium, pharmaceutical grade (USP) nicotine is used in the manufacture of Tasy Puff e juice.

Tasty Puff E-Juice is available in dozens of flavours ranging from traditional tobacco flavours to weird and wonderful flavours like Caramel Macchiato or Irish Coffee.  Browse the Tasty Puff E-juice range today - you're sure to find the right flavour e liquid for you.