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ROOR Bongs


Made by Martin Birzle in Frankenthal, Germany, these cult icons are the best bongs money can buy. Designed and inspired to be both functional and aesthetically perfect the Roor Bongs Family is the most recognizable brand within the smoking pipes, and glass blowers community. Revered throughout the world for their perfect form and function these classic Roor Waterpipes are definitely the best glass on glass pipes ion the world today.

No other glass bong comes close to the pedigree or the quality of a roor bong. With rock solid glass on glass joints these pipes are manufactured to extreme tolerances by artisans who have been making glass, especially scientific glass, for generations. Buy a roor bong in the knowledge that you are purchasing not just an object but a way of life.

ROOR Beaker

ROOR Blue Series

Roor Bongs Logo Series

ROOR Concentrates

ROOR Specials

ROOR Straight Series