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Dry Sift Wizard

Made in the USA to a unique design, Dry Sift Wizard extraction screens are the professional solution for producing the finest quality dry sift from the comfort of your home.

Using grade A poplar wood to construct the sturdy frames, the Dry Sift Wizard utilises a series of sifting screens to reduce crude, dried plant matter down to pure, clean crystals bursting with natural flavours and active ingredients.  The mesh used in Dry Sift Wizard screens is made from Italian monofilament polyester which is manufactured to a specific LPI (lines per inch) exclusively for Dry Sift Wizard.  

Each Dry Sift Wizard kit comes complete with non-stick storage jars, scraping cards and a spray bottle of anti-static solution called Brillianize which repels dust and resists fingerprints.

Superb quality dry sift can be produced with these screens in a matter of seconds with a minimal learning curve.  Order your Dry Sift Wizard kit from PureSativa today and experience the exquisite simplicity of home dry sift for yourself.