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Cannabis Seeds

And Medical Marijuana Seeds

Please choose from this world beating selection of seedbanks. Based in Amsterdam, Europe or the USA these marijuana seed specialists offer some of the finest strains available today. Pot Seeds or Weed seeds as they are also known are sold as souveniers and should not be cultivated within the UK, or indeed any country were the growing of cannabis seeds is illegal. Please read our marijuana seeds disclaimer.

Puresativa.com also wholesale cannabis seeds within the UK and is sole distributor for every marijuana seeds bank here. By being sole distributor we can carry the freshest seeds, brought direct from the seed manufacturer we sell only the finest cannabis seeds and marijuana strains in the United Kingdom.

Medicinal Cannabis Seeds

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Brothers Grimm Seeds

Ceres Seeds

Connoisseur Genetics Cannabis Seeds

Crockett Family Farms

Dark Horse Genetics

DNA Genetics Weed Seeds

DNA Genetics Collabs

DNA Genetics GYO Collection

DNA Genetics Limited Collection

Elemental Seeds

Flying Dutchmen

Garden Ablaze Seeds

Haute Genetique

Holy Smoke Seeds

HortiLab Seeds

House Of The Great Gardener Seeds

John Sinclair Cannabis Seeds

Josh D

Karma Squad

Karma Genetics

Little Chief Collabs

Moxie Seeds

Paradise Cannabis Seeds

Pheno Finder Seeds

Rare Dankness

Reserva Privada


Sensi Seeds Cannabis Seedbank

Serious Seeds

Super Strains Female Seeds

The Cali Connection Marijuana Seed Bank

TH Seeds

True Canna Genetics Seedbank

Ultra Genetics Seed Company