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Hemp Cosmetics by Bottega Della Canapa


Hemp Soaps and Hemp Natural Skin Care products by Bottega Della Canapa who produce these high quality natural hemp based cosmetics in the heart of Italy. Organic skin care is important these days, you want only natural products next to your skin, created from organic ingredients to the highest standards. Bottega Della Canapa realises this and produces a full range of natural hair products too.

Our shop is the first devoted entirely to this Hemp in Cesena, Ravenna, Bologna and Ferrara offers a wide range of products derived from the plant that accompanies the history of mankind since the beginning: apparel yarn organic underwear, bags, home accessories, natural cosmetics made from hemp oil, food, biogiardinaggio and much more.

All that nature gives us through a plant resistant fiber and soft, breathable and absorbent and seed nutritional properties unsurpassed ..... you can find it "Hemp Shop" : Ecology and ethics in the production processes at the right price!