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Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavouring Spray

Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavouring Spray

Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavouring helps improve the flavour of your tobacco and also helping cover funky smells from herbal smoking too,

There are loads of different flavours and they are all equally tasty and unique. Each Bottle will give you about 400 drops, with each drop being full fo flavour.

Not only will Tasty Puff help hide funky smells but used in a shisha will add an extra fruity depth to your molasses tobacco.

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GBP Price

TPS-BLUEBERRYTasty Puff Spray - 1ozBlueberry Thrill7.00
TPS-CHRONICTasty Puff Spray - 1ozChronic Hypnotic7.00
TPS-GRAPETasty Puff Spray - 1ozGhetto Grape7.00
TPS-JOOSYTasty Puff Spray - 1ozJoosy Fruit7.00
TPS-MELONTasty Puff Spray - 1ozConvicted Melon7.00Out of Stock
TPS-STRAWBERRYTasty Puff Spray - 1ozSilly Strawberry7.00Out of Stock

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