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Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavouring Drops

Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavouring Drops

Flavour Your Smoke With Tasty Puff! Just place a few drops on your favourite rolling papers, blunts, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars or pipe. Allow to dry and enjoy the flavour! Tastes and smells great; helps to mask the smell associated with smoking.

Only a few drops are required for each cigarette depending on your preferred strength and each bottle contains 400 drops.

All ingredients in Tasty Puff are approved for use in a regulation of the FDA or are listed as G.R.A.S on a reliable industrial list.

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GBP Price

TP-APPLETasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleAwesome Apple4.00
TP-BANTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleElectric Banana4.00
TP-BGUMTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleBubble Gum4.00Out of Stock
TP-BLUEBERRYTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleBluberry Thrill4.00
TP-CANDYTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleCotton Candy4.00
TP-CHAMPAGNETasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleChampagne4.00
TP-CHOCOTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleChumpy Chocolate4.00Out of Stock
TP-CHRONICTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleChronic4.00
TP-DRAGONTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleDigable Draqon4.00
TP-GUAVATasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleGuava4.00
TP-HONEYDEWTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleHyper Honey Dew4.00
TP-JOOSYTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleJoosy Fruit4.00
TP-JUNGLETasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleJungle Juice4.00
TP-KIWITasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleKiwi4.00
TP-LEMONTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleLemon Lime4.00
TP-MANGOTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleMango Tango4.00
TP-MELONTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleConvicted Melon4.00
TP-MENTHOLTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleCool Menthol4.00
TP-ORANGETasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleCalifornia Orange4.00
TP-PEACHTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottlePimpy Fresh Peach4.00
TP-PEARTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottlePear4.00
TP-PINEAPPLETasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottlePucked Up Pineapple4.00
TP-PURPLETasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottlePurple Haze4.00
TP-RASBERRYTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleRippin Rasberry4.00Out of Stock
TP-SPEARMINTTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleSpiffy Spearmint4.00
TP-STRAWBERRYTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleSilly Strawberry4.00Out of Stock
TP-TOFFEETasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleToffee4.00
TP-VANILLATasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/BottleNilly Vanilla4.00
TP-AMARETTOTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/Bottle(New) Armageddon Amaretto4.00
TP-BIRTHDAYTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/Bottle(New) Birthday Cake4.00
TP-CHEESETasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/Bottle(New) Chillin Cheesecake4.00
TP-HAZELTasty Puff - 400 Drops 1/Bottle(New) Haus Hazelenuts4.00

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