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Smelly Proof Clear Storage Bags

Smelly Proof Clear Storage Bags

Smelly Proof Bags - These are superb bags that allow you to store anything that is smelly and allow you to store it without tainting anything around you. Using an ultra thick plastic these smelly proof bags are designed to lock and hold the smelliest of stuff. With an extra tight ziplock style closure that is secure and air tight these bags are perfect for storage.

The sizes are given below and are shown Width first followed by Height. SO the width measurement widll be how big the opening is at the top of the bag allowing for a seam either side. So if the width is important to you then please allow 1cm off the width as the actual opening.

Product Features

  • 2x Double Locking Zipper
  • Smell Proof
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Tear Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Reusable

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GBP Price

SP-XXXSMALLSmelly Proof Bags - 7cm x 8.5cmPack of 10027.00
SP-XXSMALLSmelly Proof Storage Bags 8cm x 11cmPack of 257.50
SP-XSMALLSmelly Proof Storage Bags 12cm x 11cmPack of 2510.00
SP-SMALLSmelly Proof Storage Bags 17cm x 14cmPack of 2511.25
SP-MEDIUMSmelly Proof Storage Bags 18cm x 22cmPack of 2513.00
SP-LARGESmelly Proof Storage Bags 24cm x 28cmPack of 1010.50
SP-XLARGESmelly Proof Storage Bags 32cm x 43cmPack of 1015.00

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