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Roor Bongs Diffusers

Roor Bongs Diffusers

Roor Diffuser downstem is the perfect addition to any waterpipe. It breaks up the smoke into loads of bubbles allowing for more filtration and hence a smoother smoke than using a normal downstem.

Contrary to conventional down tubes, the opening of the tube's end is first sealed and then pierced with small holes. This means better distribution of the smoke as it rises in many small bubbles, which is the basis for its typical character. The option diffuser is most suited for those who prefer a mild smoking experience. Click here to see which length your pipe requires.

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Length (cm)

GBP Price

414/DMT-10CMROOR Diffuser 14.410cm32.00
414/DMT-10.5CMROOR Diffuser 14.410.5cm32.00
414/DMT-11CMROOR Diffuser 14.411cm32.00
414/DMT-11.5CMROOR Diffuser 14.411.5cm32.00
414/DMT-12CMROOR Diffuser 14.412cm32.00
414/DMT-12.5CMROOR Diffuser 14.412.5cm32.00
414/DMT-13CMROOR Diffuser 14.413cm32.00
414/DMT-13.5CMROOR Diffuser 14.413.5cm32.00
414/DMT-14CMROOR Diffuser 14.414cm32.00Out of Stock
414/DMT-14.5CMROOR Diffuser 14.414.5cm32.00Out of Stock
414/DMT-15CMROOR Diffuser 14.415cm32.00
414/DMT-15.5CMROOR Diffuser 14.415.5cm32.00Out of Stock
414/DMT-16CMROOR Diffuser 14.416cm32.00Out of Stock
414/DMT-16.5CMROOR Diffuser 14.416.5cm32.00Out of Stock
414/DMT-17CMROOR Diffuser 14.417cm32.00Out of Stock
414/DMT-17.5CMROOR Diffuser 14.417.5cm32.00
418/DMT-10CMROOR Diffuser 18.810cm35.00
418/DMT-10.5CMROOR Diffuser 18.810.5cm35.00
418/DMT-11CMROOR Diffuser 18.811cm35.00
418/DMT-11.5CMROOR Diffuser 18.811.5cm35.00
418/DMT-12CMROOR Diffuser 18.812cm35.00
418/DMT-12.5CMROOR Diffuser 18.812.5cm35.00
418/DMT-13CMROOR Diffuser 18.813cm35.00Out of Stock
418/DMT-13.5CMROOR Diffuser 18.813.5cm35.00
418/DMT-14CMROOR Diffuser 18.814cm35.00Out of Stock
418/DMT-14.5CMROOR Diffuser 18.814.5cm35.00Out of Stock
418/DMT-15CMROOR Diffuser 18.815cm35.00Out of Stock
418/DMT-15.5CMROOR Diffuser 18.815.5cm35.00Out of Stock
418/DMT-16CMROOR Diffuser 18.816cm35.00Out of Stock
418/DMT-16.5CMROOR Diffuser 18.816.5cm35.00Out of Stock
418/DMT-17CMROOR Diffuser 18.817cm35.00Out of Stock
418/DMT-17.5CMROOR Diffuser 18.817.5cm35.00
418/DMT-19CMRoor Diffuser 18.819cm35.00Out of Stock
429/DMTROOR Diffuser 2955.00Out of Stock

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