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RollKing - Get more from your Smoke!

RollKing - Get more from your Smoke!

Rollking is the tool seasoned smokers have been waiting for. Its incredible precision lets you pick up and position your smoke into a rolling paper, without leaving a single speck behind!

Once you've finished filling and rolling turn the RollKing over to utilise its packing end to ensure a nicely filled smoke. 

Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom - Patent Pending

Product Features

  • 8.5cm Height

  • Rollking is made from Acetal (Medical Grade) which is a food grade/safe plastic. RollKing tested lots of different plastics and Acetal came out on top for having optimal durability and flexibilty. Unlike most plastics, it is not brittle and does not shatter

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GBP Price

RK-001RollKing6 Units (Display Box)40.00Out of Stock
RK-001-1RollKing1 Single Unit7.25Out of Stock

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