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Oil Slick Pad

Oil Slick Pad

Oil Slick Pad

Engineered specifically for concentrates, the Slick Pad allows you to handle the stickiest resin with ZERO wastemess. Production and collection are a breeze with the Slick Pad. Never scrape again, nothing sticks to the Oil Slick! It’s the perfect surface for drying water extracts.

Sticky tools stay clean of debris, while slippery glass stays put.

When used during personal consumption, Oil Slick protects your glass tools, and lets you reclaim oil lost during use.

Also available in a smaller size ther Oil Slick Duo Pads, perfect for dabbing offputting small utensils on and smaller pipes.

Product Features

Oil Pad Sizes :

  • Oil Slick Pad - 30cm x 21.5cm
  • Duo Pads you get 2 pads 11.5cm x 8.5 cm

Photo Gallery

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/img/products/33/3332/Oil Slick Duo  OS-DUO.jpg



GBP Price

OS-DUOOil slick Duo Pads 2 x 11.5cm x 8.5cm2 Small Pads10.00
OS-PADOil slick Pad 30cm x 21.5cm1 Large Pad15.00

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