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HIVE Domeless Ceramic Concentrate Nail 14mm - 18mm

HIVE Domeless Ceramic Concentrate Nail 14mm - 18mm

This domeless concentrate nail from HIVE is manufactured from a medical grade ceramic material which offers superb heat retention with a completely inert dabbing surface.

Taste every nuance of your honeys, waxes and essential oils with a ceramic vapour nail or bowl slide from Hive Ceramics.

This nail fits 14mm - 18mm jointed rigs such as bongs, bubblers and dedicated oil rigs.  The nail is 45mm in height with a 22.5mm dish diameter.


Product Features

  • Medical-grade ceramic
  • Totally inert
  • Non Corrosive
  • Non Porous

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GBP Price

HV-002One piece 14/18mm Domeless Ceramic14-18mm Domeless Ceramic Nail45.00Out of Stock

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