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HIVE Ceramic Carb Cap with Stinger

HIVE Ceramic Carb Cap with Stinger

This carb cap from HIVE is manufactured from a medical grade ceramic material which offers superb heat retention with a completely inert material composition.

Taste every nuance of your honeys, waxes and essential oils with a ceramic vapour nail or bowl slide from Hive Ceramics.  

The carb cap allows you to get the most from every single dab by helping you vaporise at lower temperatures for a smoother, more flavourful taste.  This carb cap has two angular air vents to create just the right amount of suction withing your closed dabbing system.

This carb cap is flared, so it will fit virtually any set up including domed or domeless nails.  The Ceramic Carb Cap with Stinger is 78mm in length with a 31mm flare diameter.


Product Features

  • Medical-grade ceramic
  • Totally inert
  • Non Corrosive
  • Non Porous
  • Flared
  • Angular air vents

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GBP Price

HV-003Hive Universal Carb Cap & StingerCeramic Carb Cap55.00Out of Stock

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